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Please click on a photo for a closeup!

Elizabeth3C.jpg (78025 bytes)

Elizabethblue3C.jpg (73692 bytes)

Amy Elizabeth - 6" tall, has a beautiful face with half closed eyes.
All porcelain and fully  jointed. Sculpted slippers and bodice.
Not exactly 1" to 1' scale but a very beautiful doll.
She would be a 6' tall ballerina.
Amy Elizabeth    Mold TAG# 500 4 lb. $90.00

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Eve - Great as Tea Cup Fairy, Shelf Fairy, Mermaid or Angel.

Eve-in-teacup3C.jpg (63455 bytes)

Eve Mold TAG# 300 and # 301 
3 1/4 lbs.  $100.00

Eve Basic Mold - all porcelain,
2 heads ( 1 sleeping & 1 awake).  Full torso, bent arms & bent legs. 
She would be 4 1/2" tall if you could straighten her out.

To make Eve as a tea cup fairy
Use Tag# 300 and 301

Eve-as-Mermaid3C.jpg (75905 bytes)

Eve's Mermaid Tail  Mold TAG# 320 3/4 lb.  $42.00
Eve's Mermaid Tail
- is designed to be attached with slip to the bottom of her torso in the greenware stage. It's very graceful.

To make Eve as a Mermaid
Use Tag # 300, 301 and

the Tail Mold Tag #320

Eve-Flying-3C.jpg (72245 bytes)

Eve's Extra arms and legs Mold   Tag# 310  1 1/4 lb. $62.00
Use Eve's Extra arms and Legs
and make her fly. 

One straight arm and one bent arm.One straight leg and one bent leg.
To make Eve as a flying fairy use the  arms and legs from
Tag #300 &310

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Addieand_Russell2.jpg (33388 bytes)

RussellAddiebw3.jpg (20138 bytes)
Addie Mae - 5 1/2" tall beautiful hands with fingers
that are separated when they come out of the mold.
Petite feet with medium heel. Head sculpted to waist,
hands end above wrist and feet end at mid-calf.
Addie Mae Mold   TAG# 100- 3 1/2 lbs. $80.00
Russell - 6" tall man with strong, rugged features.  He has molded hair, masculine hands and nice feet.  Head sculpted to waist, arms end above elbow and legs end at mid-calf.
Russell Mold   TAG# 200  2 1/2 lbs.  $85.00

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PatriciaLynn3.jpg (10933 bytes)

Patricia Lynn
Mold includes 2 heads.  One is bald so you can add your own wig, the other has sculpted hair styled like Marie Antoinette.  Would be great to make Victorian pin cushions,
a tree top angel or add arms & legs to make a doll.
Patricia Lynn Mold  
TAG# 900 1 lb.$52.00

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Frances3a.jpg (70288 bytes)

Frances - Is a beautiful half doll that can be made as a Tassel Doll or an Ornament.
Arms are included in the mold.

Add legs to her and she becomes a 1" scale doll house doll.
Her hair is molded, but you can easily cut the hair off in the greenware stage and add your own wig. 
With legs she is 5 1/2" tall
Frances - Tag# 1003 2 lb.  $82.00

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SallyeRhettMammy3.jpg (38687 bytes)

Sallye (Scarlett)

5 3/4" tall lady, sculpted head on torso that ends at waist. 
Has full porcelain arms and her legs end at mid-thigh.
Sallye Mold TAG# 110 4 lbs. $95.00

Photo: Russell, Sallye &   Mammy

Mammy -5 3/4" tall a sweet, warm lady.  
Porcelain to waist, hands end at elbow and feet end at knees.
Mammy Mold TAG# 400 3 1/4 lb. $80.00

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Jennie3.jpg (27712 bytes)

- 5 1/2" tall  was
named after Theresa's daughter. 
She has the dreamy look of a Gibson Girl with beautiful full length arms. 
Her legs end at the knee and has sculpted button-up boots.
Jennie Mold 
TAG#102 4 lbs. $95.00

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Anna_as_Flapper3.jpg (37248 bytes)

AnnaAnderson3.jpg (35098 bytes)
Anna Anderson - 5 3/4" tall lady. 
This mold is for a creative doll maker.  

By attaching different parts with slip it lets you go beyond
ordinary doll making.  
The mold comes with the following parts:
1-Pretty head to attach with slip over the neck.
2-Torso ending at mid-hip.
3- Hip section to attach with slip at the waist.
4-Two pairs of arms.
5-A pair of straight legs with molded t-strap shoes.
6-A pair of bent legs with bare toes.
Tag #120  Head, 2 body pieces, one set of full arms and legs.
Makes a 5 3/4" doll. 4 lbs. $110.00
Tag #121 One set of bent arms and legs. 3 lbs. $65.00

Buy both Tag #120 and Tag #121 - 7 lbs for only $140.00

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Faith, Hope and Charity

FaithHopeandCharity3.jpg (34193 bytes)

Faith, Hope and Charity are
3 new heads to use with Anna Anderson's body.
Faith, Hope and Charity Mold -
TAG# 123  1 lb.  $45.00

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Please click on a photo to enlarge

Theresa3.jpg (34474 bytes)

Theresa - She has a serene expression.
Beautiful head sculpted on a full torso that ends at the top of the thighs.
Shown with:
Arm Mold Tag #1001 and
Leg Mold Tag #1002

Theresa Mold Complete
Tag 1000, 1001 and 1002
3 3/4 lbs. -  $146.00

Separate mold prices are:
Tag #1000 
Head/Torso 1 lb. $52.00
Tag #1001 Arms 1 lb.  $42.00
Tag # 1002 Legs 1 3/4 lbs $52.00

arms3.jpg (13653 bytes)

Arm Mold - 2 sets of arms.  One set of half arms and the other set ends above the elbow.  The hands on the half arms are sculpted so they can hold an object such as a tea cup, fan or dress.
Arm Mold 
Tag #1001 1 lb. 42.00

legs3.jpg (20171 bytes)

Legs - One pair of full length legs with bare toes.  The second pair ends below the knee and has sculpted shoes and a bow.
Leg Mold 
Tag #1002 1 3/4 lbs. $52.00

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Dressform3.jpg (17682 bytes)

Dress Form - Can be used to display your dress creations or you can just add a pair of arms and a head and make a doll that can stand on her own and is easy to dress.
Dress Form Mold -
Tag # 130 2 lbs. $45.00

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Aunt_Sarah3.jpg (26408 bytes)

Witch3.jpg (34805 bytes)

Aunt Sarah

Aunt Sarah as a Witch

Aunt Sarah - 5 1/2" tall senior 
She can be a sweet elderly lady or a scary witch. 
Her head is attached to her torso which ends at the waist. 
Her arms go to the elbow and her legs end below the knee. 
Her shoes are sculpted in a traditional Granny style.
Aunt Sarah Mold TAG# 600 2 lbs.  $85.00

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Melanie and Jessica

MelanieandJessica3.jpg (42827 bytes)

New - All porcelain 3 1/4" tall fully jointed children

Melanieclose3.jpg (2578 bytes)

Jessicaclose3.jpg (8355 bytes)

3 1/4" tall Melanie has a sweet face with large eyes, slightly bent arms.
She has sculpted Mary Jane shoes and socks.
Melanie Mold -T12 1 lb. $72.00

3 /14" tall Jessica has a cute grin and dimples.
She has straight arms and bare feet.
Melanie and Jessica are all porcelain & fully jointed.

Jessica Mold -T15 1 lb. $72.00

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Please click on a photo for a closeup!

Sandra3.jpg (53553 bytes)

Sandra - 1/2" Scale lady - Head sculpted on the torso, full length arms and legs with sculpted shoes.  One hand is bent to hold a purse or her skirt. 
Sandra - TAG# 800  1/2 lb. $60.00

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Pixie3.jpg (61520 bytes)

-1" tall Pixie. Can be made with or without wings.  Makes a cute doll, pin, pendant and can fit into a pocket watch.
Pixie Mold TAG # 700 
1/4 lb.  $25.00

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