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***Viscose Retail and Wholesale***
Scroll down to see our
Retail and Wholesale Prices

Viscose Wigging has fine fibers and a high sheen.
Available in: White, Platinum, Silver, Pale Blonde,
Golden Blonde, Flax, Gold, Light Brown, Chestnut, 
Dark Brown, Light Auburn, Brilliant Red and Black.

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platinum.jpg (5546 bytes) softblonde.jpg (9439 bytes)
White Platinum Golden Blonde
softblonde.jpg (9439 bytes) flax.jpg (4428 bytes) fair.jpg (4631 bytes)

Pale Blonde



darkblonde.jpg (4299 bytes)

midbrown.jpg (4408 bytes)

brown.jpg (3580 bytes)
Light Brown Chestnut Brown Dark Brown

black.jpg (3578 bytes)

lightauburn.jpg (12560 bytes) auburn.jpg (12501 bytes)


Light Auburn

Brilliant Red

silver.jpg (5131 bytes)

Left Blank on Purpose


Retail Prices:
12 in. Viscose $2.75 
1 Yard  Viscose   $7.25

Wholesale Price:
Buy 12 or more yards at a time.
Mix and/or match colors.
Only..........$4.00 per yard!
Plus Shipping of $10.95
(12 yards will not fit in an envelope!)

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Silk Wigging Fiber
This silk is very fine and is easy to glue and curl.

It is approximately 6" long  and wrapped around tissue paper.
No waste and fantastic results.

Perfect scale for Men, 1/2" Scale Dolls and Babies.
And of course also wonderful on the Ladies.

Carded Silk -  $5.95 ***Available in the following colors:
Jean Harlow Blonde, Mushroom, Gold, Strawberry Blonde,

Light Brown, Golden Brown, Seal Brown, Dark Brown,
Egyptian Red and Black.
Our silk is hand dyed. Colors and dye lots may vary.
We do not have all or the colors shown below.

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Carded Silk in Fantasy Colors with a Shiny Filament - $6.95
Wonderful for Fairies
Available in Lemon Frost, and Robin's Egg Blue Only!

silkfantasy-1.jpg (55440 bytes)

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Miniature Eye Sizer Set - $6.50 Includes 3 sizers and instructions.  
Hand made by
Valerie Caron Aguinaga

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Pleaters for Fabric, Ribbon or Mohair

1/4" Pleater - Pleats are 1/16" wide
(11 pleats per inch)

4 1/2" long by 10 1/2" wide.

1/4" Pleater $19.95
1/2" Pleater - Pleats are 1/8" wide (7 1/2 pleats per inch)
4 1/2" long x 10 1/2" wide

1/2" Pleater - $19.95

pleater.jpg (22031 bytes)

1" Pleater - Pleats are 1/4" wide. (5 1/2 pleats per inch)
10 1/2' long x 6 1/2" wide

1"Pleater - $28.95
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Silk Ribbon and Matching Bunka Cording
(Limited to Stock on Hand)
bowb.gif (13748 bytes)

2mm and 4mm Ribbon
5 yard reels Regular 3.80

Bunka - 6 yd. cards $1.50
Pull the ends of the Bunka to make a dainty trim.
Limited to Stock on Hand!

Ribbon and Bunka are available in the following
Sizes and Colors:

2 mm Ribbon

#003 White
#156 Cream
#015 Bright Yellow
#037 Cocoa Brown
#166 Peach
#020 Olive Green
#021 Dark Green

#063 Teal
#058 Light Gray
#022 Lavender
#004 Black

#118 Dark Lilac
#085 Purple
#005 Pale Pink
#008 Medium Pink
#127 Med. Rose
#129 Burgundy
#163 Mauve

#098 Federal Blue
#002 Red
My source will only carry 4mm ribbon in the future.
They are discontinuing their 2mm ribbon.
This is all I have left.
4 mm Ribbon
#003 White
#156 Cream
#034 Light Tan
#037 Cocoa Brown

#013 Yellow
#119 Med.Yellow
#166 Peach
#154 Pale Green 
#018 Seafoam
#019 Emerald
#020 Olive Green

#061 Xmas Green
#009 Lt. Blue 
#044 Slate Blue
#045 Royal Blue
#047 Navy

#063 Teal
#058 Light Gray
#004 Black

#043 Burnt Orange
#174 Orange
#005 Pale Pink
#007 Light Pink
#127 Med. Rose

#128 Deep Rose
#129 Burgundy
#144 Rose

#145 Cerise
#163 Mauve
#101 Lilac

#118 Dark Lilac
#085 Purple
#002 Red
#001 White #009 Light Blue #007 Light Pink
#156 Cream #044 Slate Blue #163 Mauve
#013 Yellow #045 Royal Blue #145 Cerise
#014 Cream Yellow #047 Navy #127 Medium Rose
#119 Medium Yellow #098 Federal Blue #129 Burgundy
#034 Light Tan #063 Teal # 042 Light Peach
#036 Light Brown #132 Aquamarine # 166 Peach
#037 Cocoa Brown #133 Med. Turquoise # 101 Lilac
# 080 Warm Brown #043 Burnt Orange #118 Dark Lilac
#018 Seafoam Green #174 Orange #058 Light Grey
#019 Emerald #028 Red
#154 Pale Green

This Bunka is carded and stays very neat. 
My source will no longer be carding their Bunka in the future.

These are the only colors I have left.
I love the way it stays so neat. You may want to stock up.

Note: Bunka is not available in the following colors:
#005 Pale Pink, #020 Olive Green, #085 Purple
and #128 Deep Rose.

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Elastic, Nichrome Wire, Mold Bands and Doll Stands

Tiny Elastic - 8 yards $3.20 
Very strong, use to string babies and 1/2" scale dolls.

Large Elastic - 6 yards $3.00

For stringing 1" scale toddlers, children  and adults.

Nichrome Wire - 10 feet for $6.00 or 20 feet for $10.00
Make stringing hooks out of this 26 gauge wire and fire the hooks into the greenware in the porcelain firing. Saves a lot of time.

Mold Bands - 10 cents each

Red rubber bands for your tiny molds. Available in 2 sizes.
3" x 5/8" and 4" x 7/8"

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Metal Doll  Stands

standsc.jpg (11221 bytes)

Metal Doll Stands $1.50 each

They expand to fit a doll that is 3 1/2" to 5" tall.

Works well on 3 1/2" to 5" tall doll.


Photo not available


Metal Doll Stands
# 1101 $1.65 each

They expand to fit a doll with a tiny waist that   is 5 1/2" to 6" tall.
These stands are wonderful for 5 1/2" tall 1" scale ladies that have a tiny waist. .

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If the merchandise fits in a Postal Priority Envelope, the shipping will be $5.35
If the merchandise has to be put into a box, we'll weigh the order and

let you know how much the shipping cost is.
If you order your supplies with a
mold order we only charge shipping on the molds.
EXCEPT  for metal doll stands, pleaters and Paint Caddys.

Official PayPal Seal

To place an order - you can call, write, fax
or use our Order form.
House of Caron
10111 Larrylyn Drive
Whittier, CA 90603

Call (800) 432-8992  or  (562) 947-6753
Fax (562) 943-5103

For a complete brochure please send a check for $6.50
For our International friends the cost is $12.00 in U.S. funds.
You can also order your brochure by phone.
Brochures are Free with an Order.

Email: jackie@houseofcaron.com
Order Form

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