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Paulette.gif (8878 bytes)

Paulette Stinson is a talented sculptress with a flair for
historical characters and the romantic periods they represent.
There is a bonus head in all her molds.
There are 2 men, 2 women or 2 children heads in every mold.
All molds on this page make 1" to 1' Scale Porcelain Dolls.

These molds are also great for modern dolls such as
Fairies, Santas, Maids, Storekeepers etc.

Josephine and Milady
Napoleon and the Cavalier

napoleon-and-josb.jpg (181552 bytes) cavalier-and-milady9.jpg (265949 bytes)
Mold Set #A1       1 1/4 lbs. $75.00
5 1/2" tall Josephine and Milady
Includes: Josephine and Milady's heads, breastplate, arms & legs.

Patterns included on Pattern Set #1
Mold Set #A2      
1 1/4 lbs.          $75.00

5 3/4" tall Napoleon and 6" tall Cavalier
Includes: Napoleon and the Cavalier's heads, chestplate, arms & legs.

Patterns included on Pattern Set #1

Pattern Set #1    $15.00

group4gambler6.jpg (101771 bytes)

In this photo: The Cavalier and Josephine are dressed as a Victorian pair.
Milady and Napoleon are ready for a Mississippi Cruise.
Also includes patterns for Napoleon & Josephine
and the Cavalier & Milady as shown above.
Makes all 8 Costumes shown on dolls in Mold Sets #A1 and #A2.
(Considered a book for shipping purposes).

Marie Antoinette and the Fashion Lady
King Louis and Benjamin Franklin

MarieA-and-King-Louisb.jpg (139341 bytes)

Benetc3.jpg (70895 bytes)

Mold Set #A3      1 1/2 lbs. $75.00
5 1/2" tall Marie Antoinette
and French Fashion Lady
Both: Marie Antoinette & Fashion Lady Heads, long torso, arms and legs with a fancy shoe.

Mold Set #A4       1 3/4 lbs. $75.00
6" tall King Louis

and Benjamin Franklin
Both: King Louis & Ben Franklin  heads, chest plate, arms & legs. (buckle on shoe)

Pattern Set  #2   $15.00

KingLetc3.jpg (63596 bytes)

Makes all the eight costumes worn by the dolls in Mold Sets A#3 and A#4
In the photo above: Benjamin Franklin and Marie Antoinette are
dressed in Elizabethan costumes.

King Louis XVI and the French Fashion lady are dressed in Tudor style.
(Considered a book for shipping purposes.)

Knightetc3jb.jpg (99049 bytes)

I am including this photo for your information and enjoyment.
We do not have the patterns.

Paulette Stinson created the dolls in the photo on the left from the following molds:
Knight - Mold Set #A4  Benjamin Franklin
His Lady - Mold set #A3  Fashion Lady
Paige - Mold set #C1 - Renoir Girl.
Note: the patterns are not in any of our Pattern Sets.

Pinky and the Teen Girl   
Blue Boy and the Teen Boy

Pinky_and_Blue_boyb.jpg (74425 bytes)

 Teens3_1b.jpg (75683 bytes)

Mold Set #T1      2 1/4 lbs. $75.00
5 1/4" tall Pinky and Teen Girl

Includes: Pinky and Teen Girl Heads.
Breastplate, 3 arms and legs.
(extra left arm added for versatility)
Mold Set #T2   1 1/4 lbs. $75.00
5 3/4" Blue boy and Teen Boy
cIncludes: Blue Boy and Teen Boy heads. Chestplate, arms and legs.

Pattern Set #3   $15.00

teensedw3.jpg (101348 bytes)

In this photo the Teen Girl and Blue boy are dressed as young people of the 1820's.
Pinky and the Teen boy are dressed as Rapunzel and Prince Charming.
Makes all the patterns worn dolls in Mold Sets #T1 and #T2
Pinky, Blue Boy and the Teen boy and Teen Girl.
(Considered a book for shipping purposes.)

Rudy & Renoir's Girl with a Watering Can

Renoir3b.jpg (87950 bytes)

Mold Set #C1      1 lb. $45.00
3 1/2" tall "Rudy" a crying child and

"Renoir's Girl with a Watering Can.
Includes: 2 heads each attached to a short torso, arms, legs with
Victorian boots and a watering can.
Pattern for Rudy and Renoir Girl $3.50 plus 65 cents shipping.

Pattern Set #4 - Extra Patterns for your dolls

patset4a.jpg (59463 bytes)

Try them on Josephine & Milady or the Cavalier & Ben Franklin
or they can also be used on other 1" Scale Dolls
(Some adjustments may be necessary)

patset4c.jpg (73061 bytes)

Pattern Set #4    $15.00

1" to 1' scale patterns
Includes all 11 patterns shown:
Playing Dress Up - Scarlett
Mother and Baby - Mountain Man
Reading Jumeau - Austrian Gown
Pierrot and Pierette,
Gypsy Woman and Man

patset4d.jpg (89417 bytes)

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