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Molds from Parker-Levi, Keni's Minis and
Originals by Elaine are designed to be used together.
To make your browsing easier, we have combined the 3 Companies
and then divided them into two web pages.

This is the 1st page:
It has Adults, Grandparents, Santa, Mrs. Claus, Mammy,

Elves, Faeries and Angels.

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5 1/2" tall Deborah and 4 Extra Heads
plus a Mannequin Mold

Deband4_4.jpg (86946 bytes)

Deborah is in the center.
The other 4 dolls were made with the extra heads
from Mold# A1017 (shown below)

Debscan1R.jpg (92565 bytes)

deborahpaulette.jpg (73656 bytes)

             Doll by Jackie Caron

 Doll by Paulette Stinson

     Mold #A1012 - 5 1/2" tall Deborah 2 1/2 lb. $70.00
     Includes Head, torso, arms & legs.

     All porcelain and fully jointed. 

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Four Extra Heads for the Deborah Mold

Ladiesheads.jpg (71041 bytes)

Photo from left to right: Honey, Sandra, Rhonda and Kim.

Mold #A1017 - Four Extra Lady heads 1lb. $30.00
Includes heads for Honey, Sandra, Rhonda and Kim.

These heads can be used with Deborah's body
and/or The Mannequin Mold

         Mannequin Mold # KM1 -  1 1/2 lb. $25.00
Makes a 1" Scale Mannequin.

Honey.jpg (70274 bytes)

Sandrab.jpg (90724 bytes)

               "Honey" Mold #A1017
                Doll by Gina Gagnon of
See Honey as a pretty young Mother
on our Mary Doll Mold page.
Marydoll Molds

"Sandra"  Mold # A1017
Doll by Jackie Caron
Dressed by Paulette Stinson

(I used the Sandra head, Mannequin mold
and Fashion Lady arms.)

Japanese-dolls.jpg (58289 bytes)

mannequin-and-Rhondab.jpg (104962 bytes)

  "Kim "
       Dolls by Barbara Gehring

and the "Mannequin Mold"
If you use the Mannequin Mold 
your doll will not need a doll stand. 

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*Click on any photo to enlarge*


Five Fashion Ladies Molds

FashionLadies3b.jpg (72694 bytes)

White---potting-Shedc.jpg (56603 bytes)

Left to right: Eulane, Lois, Cyrene,
Marie and Mary Kathryn Shown
with Parker-Levi's Toddler "Megan"

   Doll by Gina Gagnon

Brideb.jpg (36101 bytes)

cyrenee.jpg (127232 bytes)

            "Lois" as a Bride

   Doll by Jackie Caron   
  Costume by Paulette Stinson

Loisd.jpg (108442 bytes)

Mary-Katherine-as-Glenda.jpg (123750 bytes)

             doll by Paulette Stinson

  "Mary Kathryn"
    "As Glenda the Good Witch "
      Doll by Paulette Stinson

The 5 Fashion Lady Set makes beautiful 5 1/2" tall dolls.
Heads sculpted on Shoulder Plate just below bustline.
2 Pairs of legs- 1pair ends at the knee and the other ends at mid-thigh. 
2 pairs of Full Porcelain Arms.

Cyrene head-Mold #A30 - 3/4 lb. $40.00
Eulane  head-Mold #A31- 3/4 lb. $40.00
Lois head- Mold #A32 -  3 /4 lb. $40.00
Marie head-Mold #A33 - 3/4 lb. $40.00
Mary Kathryn Mold #A34 - 3/4 lb. $40.00
Arm Mold -Mold #A35  - 2 lb. $20.00

Leg Mold-Mold #A36 - 1 1/2 lb.$20.00

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Kenneth and 3 Extra Heads for Kenneth

Ken4heads3b.jpg (61127 bytes)

Photo: Kenneth is shown as #4.
The other dolls were made with heads from
Mold #A29 Rob, Don and Lee (shown below)

Kennethterri.jpg (110194 bytes)

BretandLisa.jpg (120811 bytes)

     6" tall Kenneth  
     Mold# A1013 4 lb.$70.00
     Includes: Head, torso, arms & legs.
  All porcelain and fully jointed.     
             Doll by  Terri Davis

          Kenneth and Cyrene
        Dolls by Jackie Caron

3mensheads3.jpg (58172 bytes)

alain1b.jpg (54103 bytes)

Mold for  3 Extra heads
     Mold # A29 3/4 lbs. $30.00
    Left to right: Rob, Don and Lee

Medieval Musician by Tiggy Goldsmith.
She used Don's Head from mold A29
and Kenneth's body.
Mrs Tiggy Winkle Dolls

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French Antique Reproduction Doll Molds

Dominique3b.jpg (67798 bytes) Simone3b.jpg (67970 bytes)



Dominique and Simone Molds

Mold EC #1   1 3/4 lb. $49.00
2 Heads sculpted on shoulder plates. Very pretty and delicate.
Mold EC #10      1 lb.   Arms (3 arms) $30.00
You get 3 arms that end mid-upper arm.
The arms and hands look graceful but like the old dolls, the nails etc. are not defined.
Mold EC#9    3/4 lb.  2 Pairs of legs. $30.00
One pair is a replica of a doll's short leg with and Antique Shoe.
The other pair ends mid-thigh and has a nice high heel.

Camille and Andre Molds

camilleandre1.jpg (87013 bytes) 5 3/4" tall Camille
Mold EC #8   1/2 lb.   $40.00

Camille is sculpted to the lower hip area
making it easier to dress and assemble. 
She uses the same hands and legs as
Dominique and Simone. 
(See description of Molds EC #10 and EC #9 above)
6" tall Andre
Head Mold EC # 6   3/4 lb. $40.00
Arm and legs Mold EC #7   3/4 lb.   $30.00

Andre has short arms that end below the elbow, he has a curved palm to hold a cane. 
Finger nails and crease line not detailed. Legs end mid-thigh and have French type slippers.

divider.gif (2254 bytes)

*Please click on photos to enlarge*

                                                           Grampa  Mold                                                 

Grampaglasses3b.jpg (69743 bytes)

Grampa-as-wizard2b.jpg (63677 bytes)


Grampa as a Chinese Wizard
Doll by Paulette Stinson

Grampa mold - A1004   1 1/4 lb.   $60.00
Grampa 5 3/4" tall Senior - head on shoulder plate, includes hands & feet with boots. 
(He also makes a great Father Christmas - see photos below)

                                                                 Granny Mold

GrannyandBetsy3b.jpg (63048 bytes)

CaseyandGrampab.jpg (77352 bytes)

               Granny and Betsy

Granny, Grampa & friend

Granny mold   - A1005   1 1/4 lb.   $60.00
Granny 5 1/2" tall Senior - head on shoulder plate,
includes hands and feet with Granny type shoes.

                                                   Witch Head Mold

Witch_0001.jpg (70162 bytes)

Witch-Hutch---Halloween-1cr.jpg (81717 bytes)

Use the Witch Head/shoulder plate
with Granny's Hands and Legs

Witch Doll by Gina Gagnon of

Witch Head Mold   A46  3/4 lb. $35.00
Witch 5 1/2" tall witch head sculpted on a shoulder plate
Uses Granny's hands and feet.   

      Swabbie---Front---Sittingb.jpg (96715 bytes)

Fannyb.jpg (26820 bytes)

  Gina Gagnon from Lonewolfminiaturecreations
used the Witch Head Mold
to make this great Swabbie!

Dana Burton from the
Msat Mini Doll List
Created Fanny from the Witch Mold

divider.gif (2254 bytes)

                                        Elf Mold

FatherXmasand_elves3.jpg (62632 bytes)

FatherXmas.jpg (84134 bytes)

Grandpa as Father Christmas.
Shown with the Elves

Grampa shown as
Father Christmas with Elf

Elves - Mold# 1020    1 1/4 lb. $60.00
3 1/2" tall Elves - There are 2 elves in the mold.

One grinning and one with an open, laughing mouth. 
Hands end at wrist. Feet have pointed toed shoes.

divider.gif (2254 bytes)

*Please click on photos for a close-up!*

"Mrs. Claus" and "Mammy" Molds

Mix and Match Set - 5 1/2" tall Mature ladies.
The same torso, arms and legs is used to make Mammy and Mrs. Claus
Their heads are different.

MrsClausb2.jpg (79455 bytes) Mrs.Santa.jpg_1.bj.jpg (84969 bytes) mammy3b.jpg (68420 bytes)
                        Mrs. Claus  Mrs.Claus in exotic costumes
by Joyce Mc Intyre of Heritage Porcelain

Mrs. Claus Heads - Mold A1019 1/4 lb.  $25.00
Mrs. Claus Heads - two heads, one smiling and the other slightly open.
Body Mold -  Mold A1016B  1/2 lb.  $30.00  
Body for Mammy and Mrs. Claus
Arm & Leg Mold Mold A1016L 1 3/4 lbs.  $20.00
Arms & Legs for Mammy and Mrs. Claus
Mammy Heads Mold A1016 1/4 lb. $25.00
Mammy Heads - two heads, one laughing and one with a closed mouth.

divider.gif (2254 bytes)

Santa Claus

MrandMrsClaus3b.jpg (78482 bytes)

Santa Claus
Mold A1018  4 lbs. 75.00     
Santa Claus 5 1/2" tall Man
2 heads, 1 sleeping and 1 awake.
Porcelain body and arms.
Includes two pairs of legs.  
One all porcelain with great boots.
The other pair of legs has bare toes
and goes up to the knee. 

Mrs. Claus with the Sleeping Santa

divider.gif (2254 bytes)

The following section includes Faeries and Angels

*Please click on photos to enlarge them!*

Faerie Lady

FaerieLady2new.jpg (132316 bytes)

Gisfairyclose.jpg (84080 bytes)

        Faerie Lady

Faerie Lady by Gisele Sullivan

Faerie Lady Mold F1/F2/F3  -    4 lbs.     $80.00
Faerie Lady - 5 1/2" tall Faerie lady - porcelain to waist. 
There are 3 arms in the mold,  2 extended arms and 1 bent up.
You also get 2 pairs of legs, one pair flat for walking and
one pair has pointed toes for flying.

Pattern PF11 Standing Faerie Lady $8.00
Pattern PF12 Sitting Faerie Lady $8.00
GieseleVictorian_2.jpg (96568 bytes)

Edw-lady-full.jpg (62454 bytes)

Faerie Lady as a Victorian Lady
by Gisele Sullivan

The Faerie Lady as an
Edwardian Beauty. 
Doll by  Terri Davis

Faerie Girl

Faerie-girlb.jpg (105219 bytes)

Faerie Girl Mold  F4/F5  - 2 lbs. $60.00
Faerie Girl - 4 1/2" tall Porcelain to the waist.
1 pair of full arms and 1 pair of bare,
flat feet that end below the knee.

Pattern PF4 Faerie Girl  $8.00

The Faerie Girl can also be used
with the other 4 1/2" tall doll molds
by Parker-Levi
Such as Kelly and The Little Women.
You can see these molds on our
Parker-Levi Children's Page on this website.

Faerie Girl

divider.gif (2254 bytes)

Three Angel Ladies & Three Angel Children
(Both sets are shown in the following photo)

Lady and children fairy sets.jpg (118581 bytes)

Lady Angels "Evangeline", "Gabrielle" and "Victoria"
Children Angels "Faith", "Hope" and "Charity"

Three 5 1/2" tall Angel Ladies Mold Set  8 lbs. $279.00
All porcelain with their lower bodies sculpted in fixed positions.
There is a Sitting, Standing and Kneeling position.  Arms are jointed.

This Angel Lady Mold Set Includes:
#1 Evangeline head/torso,#2 Gabrielle Head/torso, #3 Victoria Head/torso
Three lower torsos, one sitting, one standing and one kneeling.
Three pairs of arms and a wing mold.(not shown)

Three 3 1/2" tall Angel Children Mold Set - 3 3/4 lbs.  $179.00
Shown in photo above, they are all porcelain and jointed.
(There are 4 children angels in the photo, Hope is shown twice)
This Mold Set Includes:
#4 Charity is one piece from head to toe and has jointed arms.
#5 Hope (head on body)
#6 Faith (head on body)
Three pairs of arms, two pairs of legs and a wing mold.

divider.gif (2254 bytes)

Set of 5 Six inch tall Cherub-style Angels
"They are larger than 1" Miniature Scale. "

Baby Angels2.jpg (197809 bytes)

Photo from left to right:
Top row:1-Dory, 2-Alice, 3-Evie
               Bottom row: 3-Evie, 4-Amy and 5-Beth
(Evie is shown twice.)

Five 6" tall Baby Angels Mold Set  7 1/2 lbs. - $198.00
Mold set includes: #1 Dory, #2 Alice, #3 Evie, #4 Amy, #5 Beth.
2 pairs of legs, 5 arms, body and wings.

divider.gif (2254 bytes)

Available in two sizes 8 inches and 4 inches tall

lgangel.jpg (89299 bytes)

Angel - This Cherubic Child is poured through the top of the head
and is one solid piece from head to toe, only the arms are jointed.
She has 2 pairs of arms. One Pair Straight and one pair bent.

Large Angel - 8" tall - Mold KM18    8 1/2 lb.  $90.00
Small Angel - 4" tall Mold KM21     2 lb. $60.00

Note: The Angel molds also make beautiful children dolls.

Here are 2 photos of the Angel Mold used to make a child

angel-teddyb.jpg (118821 bytes)

Temprance-large-photob.jpg (46881 bytes)

Angel as "Wendy"
Doll by Jackie Caron
Dressed by Paulette Stinson

by Dana Burton
Dana is the Teacher/Owner of
Msat Mini Doll List

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