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Dolls by Marie Wheat

Molds to make Lucinda, Tom and a Mannequin

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"Lucinda" Mold Complete
5 1/2" tall Lucinda  7 Mold Set 3 1/2 lbs. $95.00
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Dolls by Paulette Stinson

7 Mold Set Includes: 2 heads -one is sensuous & aloof. The other is warm and sweet.
Shapely torso with dropped shoulders.
3 pairs of half arms: 1 pr. limp,
1 pr. straight and
1 pr bent back.
Half legs with French heels. Includes Technique Sheet.
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Please click on a photo for a closeup view
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Mannequin Mold

Mannequin Mold
3 lbs. $40.00

Can be used as a mannequin to show off your costumes or you can take the knob off, put holes where the arm holes are and make an easy to dress doll as we did in this photo.

ludmann80300.jpg (26057 bytes)
Dolls by Jackie Caron
Note: Marie Wheat "Emanjay" Patterns will fit Lucinda, Tom & the Mannequin!

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"Tom" Mold

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Tom Mold
4 lbs. $80.00

Tom's 4 pc. mold set includes:
Head with sculpted hair with a
center part, half arms, torso, half legs
with slightly molded shoes.

Note: The doll in the photo on the
left, has silk mohair glued over the
molded hair.
Tom is the perfect companion for any
lady doll.

The single patterns and patterns in the Costume Pattern Books designed by Marie Wheat of Emanjay were designed to fit the dolls on this page.
See our Books page
See our Marie Wheat Single Patterns for Ladies
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See our Marie Wheat Single Clothing Patterns for Children

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