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Lady Patterns for 5 1/2" to 5 3/4" tall dolls
If you scroll down you will also find patterns for Young Ladies, Mammy, Mrs. Claus and Maids

kuhlm101.bmp (3542 bytes)

kuhlm107.bmp (4670 bytes)

kuhlm1160.bmp (2558 bytes)

M101    $2.50
Woman's Nightgown and Man's Nightshirt
late 1800's

M107   $3.50
Woman's Underclothes
1800 to 1910

M116   $2.00
Woman's Dress

kuhlm111.bmp (4886 bytes)

kuhlm105.bmp (2798 bytes)

kuhlm110.bmp (2762 bytes)

M111   $2.50
Woman's Princess Dress
3 variations 1860 to 1898

M105   $2.50
Woman's Coat Dress

M110   $2.00
Woman's Dress

kuhlm134.bmp (3802 bytes)

kuhlm146.bmp (3802 bytes)

kuhlm147.bmp (5030 bytes)

M134   $3.00
Woman's Riding Habit

M146   $2.50
Woman's Dress
Late 1870's

M147   $3.00
Woman's Dress
Early 1880's

kuhlm124.bmp (2222 bytes)

kuhlm121.bmp (2006 bytes)

kuhlm148.bmp (3086 bytes)

M124  $2.00
Woman's Dress
Early 1890's

M121   $2.50
Woman's Dress

M148   $2.50
Ladies Toilette
Late 1890's

kuhlm128.bmp (3062 bytes)

kuhlm133.bmp (3222 bytes)

kuhlm1250.bmp (1958 bytes)

M128   $3.00
Woman's Capes
1880's  and 1890's

M133    $3.50
Woman's Riding
Habit and Sporting Suit
1890 to 1890's

M125   $2.50
Woman's Cycling Suit

kuhlm145.bmp (1934 bytes)

kuhlm144.bmp (1922 bytes)

kuhlm126.bmp (2054 bytes)

M145   $2.50
Woman's Dress

M144   $2.00
Woman's Dress

M126  $2.50
Lady's Bathing Suit

kuhlm138.bmp (1874 bytes)

kuhlm140.bmp (1946 bytes)

kuhlm109.bmp (1898 bytes)

M138   $2.00
Young Ladies Dress
fits a 5 1/4" doll
1899 through 1900's

M140   $2.00
Young Ladies Dress
fits a 5 1/4" doll
1899 through 1900's

M109   $2.00
Plain Indians
Woman's Wardrobe

The next 2 patterns will fit Mammy and  Mrs. Claus
The 3rd one will fit Mammy, Mrs. Claus and Granny

kuhlm104.bmp (2158 bytes)

kuhlm114.bmp (2286 bytes)

kuhlm143.bmp (2558 bytes)

M104   $2.50
Woman's Dress & Cape
Mammy and Mrs. Claus

M114   $2.00
Maid's Dress
Mammy and Mrs. Claus

M143   $3.50
"two sizes included"
Maid or Cook's Dress
Mammy, Mrs. Claus and


m150l.bmp (2174 bytes)

kuhlm150b.bmp (1486 bytes)

kuhlm150c.bmp (2138 bytes)

These 3 Patterns for Lady Pilgrims are part of Pattern Set M150
It includes Patterns for The Wedding Party and Their Guests.
Costumes for 3 ladies, 3 men and 2 children.
Pattern set M150   Mid-1600's   $5.50
Shipping is 40 cents per pattern.
Maximum of $4.50 per pattern order.

Save 10% on your pattern order - ask us to ship your patterns flat instead of folded and put into plastic envelopes.


To place an order - you can call, write, fax
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