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International Shipping

Our Shipping Policy

1-The Invoice will be included in the box.
If it is omitted the boxes are returned to us. 
We cannot afford this since we would have to absorb

the cost of sending the box out a second time.

2-The value on the Declaration Form will be the total
amount of the products less any discount that you
received on the order. When the package arrives in your
country you probably will have to go to the Customs
Office which may be at an Airport or other location.

3-When you receive your package, your Country may
charge you import and/or duty taxes.  We have no control
over this, each country has it's own rules and taxing
We cannot send a package as a gift unless it is merchandise
we are replacing because the original merchandise was
damaged, pilfered or lost.

                                       Shipping Methods
We will ship by the following U.S. Postal Services:
Parcel Post Air, Global Priority and Postal Express.

FedEx is also available but much more expensive.
But their service is wonderful.  They will take the package
through Customs for you, pay the duties and taxes and
hand carry the package to your door.  At which time you
would reimburse them for the taxes they paid in your name.

We recommend Express or FedEx because the boxes
can be insured and tracked and your order will receive
the best care. 
U.S. Parcel Post Air can be insured but cannot be tracked
and it is almost impossible to collect for any lost, stolen
or damaged merchandise since more than one country
is involved.
We always compute both Express and Air Parcel Post to
try to get you the best value and then let you choose.

Global Priority cannot be insured but can be tracked.
You can see why Express or FedEx are the the best.
FedEx will clear Customs for you and take it right
to your door, but it is more expensive.

We do not ship by Surface or Sea
It has taken as long as 16 to 24 weeks for packages to
arrive at their destination.  Some boxes have never made it
and others have had some breakage.

                          How to Save Money on Your Orders
The most expensive part of shipping a box to other countries,
is the first pound of each box.
Here is how the cost to ship a box to England is computed.

Shipping it Express, insured and trackable.
The first pound is $26.10 and each additional pound of that box is only approximately $4.00 per pound.
So you are better off to make 1 or 2 medium or large orders
instead of several small orders.
You will not have to pay the first pound so many times.
And....your mold orders will probably qualify for our mold discounts and save you even more money.

                                           Our Handling Fee
We will charge you the exact amount that we are charged
for shipping your package by the carrier plus a $7.00
handling fee. This covers the cost of the box and popcorn
and taking the order to the Post Office.
                               Computing The Shipping Cost
We cannot tell you how much a box will cost to ship until
it is actually packed and ready for shipping.  The reason
for this is that the box and packing materials add to the
weight of the order.
We'll package your order and get back to you in a couple
of days with the exact cost. We ship several boxes each day
and do the estimates in between the regular orders.

We look forward to serving your needs in the near future.

Sincerely---Jackie and Ray Caron


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To place an order - you can call, write, fax
or use our Order form.
House of Caron
10111 Larrylyn Drive
Whittier, CA 90603

Inquiries (562) 947-6753 Orders (800) 432-8992    
Fax (562) 943-5103

For a complete brochure please send a check for $6.50
For our International friends the cost is $12.00 in U.S. funds.
You can also order your brochure by phone.
Brochures are Free with an Order.

Order Form

Email: jackie@houseofcaron.com

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