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House_3.jpg (12430 bytes)

Pirate/Wizard Mold
Sculpted by Loretta Kasza and Jackie Caron

wizardcloseb.jpg (70248 bytes) Wizard-and-Pirate2.jpg (75035 bytes) Pirate-close2.jpg (68973 bytes)
Dolls by Loretta Kasza
6" tall Pirate/Wizard Mold set Complete      3 3/4 lbs.  $100.00

Pirate/Wizard Mold set includes:
Head Mold: 1 Head (the same head is used for both the Pirate & Wizard.)
Pirate/Wizard Arm Mold:1 pr. of strong arms & stump for hook.

Pirate/Wizard Leg Mold: 1 pair of Wizard legs with pointed toes,1 pair of Pirate legs with a dressy shoe and a Peg leg of course.

The photo on the left shows all the
pieces that are in the Wizard/Pirate Mold.

Individual molds are also available

individually and are priced as follows:
Wizard Head Mold $30.00
Wizard Arm Mold $25.00
Wizard Leg Mold $45.00

divider.gif (2254 bytes)

Bolivar and his Magic Cello, Tiny Faeries
and Character Mushrooms
Sculpted by "Beverly Parker"

11" tall "Bolivar" King of the Faeries with his Magic Cello.
Bolivar2.jpg (161524 bytes)

Bolivar and Cello Molds 
# HC16/17/18 11 1/2 lbs. $85.00
Mold Set Includes:

Head/torso sculpted to the waist.
Hands, feet, cello and bow. 
Bolivar is larger than 1" scale.

The Cello also has a personality of it's own.
The Bridge has a hint of a Face,

and there are toes on it's Foot

bolivar-familly.jpg (318208 bytes)
Bonnie, Becky and Adam found Bolivar in the Mushroom Forest.
He was playing his Magic Cello and the tiny faeries were dancing.
Scroll down this page to see our Bonnie, Becky and Adam molds.
And the Mushroom Molds and the 3 tiny faeries.

Bolivar's costume pattern $3.00Free with his mold.
Bolivar's iron-on transfer is $22.00
*Please click on any photo for a larger view*
Character Mushroom Molds
3-mushrooms.jpg (132678 bytes) 8 group.jpg (37264 bytes)
Left to right: 
Mold  HC 26  and Mold HC25 
These Colorful Mushrooms were made
by Sammy Smith using Mold HC25

Mushroom Mold HC26     5 1/4 lb.  $40.00 - Makes one 5" tall Mushroom
Mushroom Mold HC25     3 3/4 lb.  $35.00 - Makes Two Mushrooms

  The Largest Mushroom is 5" tall
               One Mushroom is 2 1/2" tall and the other is 2 3/4" tall.
            The 2 smaller mushrooms make really cute Salt and Pepper Shakers.

divider.gif (2254 bytes)
"Bluebelle" - "Morning Glory" & "Sweet Pea"
These adorable 1/2" Scale Faeries can also be used

to make 1/2" scale children or a Doll's doll.
You can mix and match their arms and legs for new combinations.
Their faces, arms and legs are all different!
Sleeping Standing/flying Sitting
Bluebellec.jpg (105323 bytes)

sweetpeac.jpg (97973 bytes)

MorningGlory3b.jpg (86907 bytes)

1/2" Scale
Sleeping Bluebelle
2" tall - jointed all porcelain

Mold HC19 1/4 lb.
1/2" Scale
Sweet Pea
2" tall - jointed all porcelain
Mold HC20 1/4 lb.
1/2" Scale
Morning Glory
2" tall - jointed all porcelain
Mold HC21 1/4 lb. 


ThreeFairies3c.jpg (189786 bytes)


Faerie Patterns $3.00

Bolivar Iron-on Transfer $22.00
Faerie Iron-on Transfer $6.00

(Enough to make 3 faeries.)

Turn your plain white fabric
into the fancy costumes like those that
Bolivar and the Faeries are wearing.

divider.gif (2254 bytes)
Molds by Dawn Adams to make Ladies and Seniors

Dawn-full-photo.jpg (309803 bytes)

Dawn-by-Cindy.jpg (189119 bytes)
Sculpture by Dawn Adams
Doll By Jackie Caron
Dressed by Paulette Stinson

            Sculpture by Dawn Adams
              Doll by Cindy Gates

Dawn" 5 1/2" tall  --- Mold set HC1 2 1/2 lbs. $80.00
Sculpted by Dawn Adams.
Includes: Head, torso, hands & legs.
Beautiful face with heavy lids. Exquisite hands. Her boots have scallops on the side and a flared heel.
Her torso ends at the waist and she has pretty sloping shoulders.
Arms end at the elbow and legs end at the knee.

Dawn's sculpting is more petite than other artists but it is still in 1" scale.

divider.gif (2254 bytes)
OriginalDanie3.jpg (72421 bytes) Danielle-J.jpg (182844 bytes)
Sculpture and Doll

by Dawn Adams

         Doll by Jackie Caron
     Costume by Paulette Stinson

"Danielle" 5 1/2" tall Fashion Lady - Mold Set -  HC5     4 lbs. $95.00
Includes: Head, hands, legs and a torso that ends at the waistline.
Her neck is part of her torso, it has pretty slopped shoulders for evening gowns.
It is easy to attach her head to the torso with slip.
Detailed hands that end at the elbow and short legs with pretty boots.
Her hands and boots are different than Dawn's.

One of her hands is cupped to hold an item. Tiny waist to eliminate bulk.  

"Valerie Head Mold" for Danielle's Body

valerie-pink-closebc.jpg (157316 bytes) drago1.jpg (70498 bytes)
"Valerie Head"
Sculpture by Dawn Adams

Doll by Jackie Caron
Dressed by Paulette Stinson
"Valerie as an Enchantress"
Shown with her pet dragon
Doll Design and "Drago" by Dana Burton
Teacher/Owner of the Msat Mini Doll List

Valerie Head Mold HC5/2   $25.00    1/4 lb. $25.00
Beautiful smiling young girl. Her head does not have a neck, use it with Danielle's torso.

divider.gif (2254 bytes)
*Please click on any photo for a larger view*
"Grams and Gramps"
Gramps3close.jpg (64496 bytes)Grams3close.jpg (56910 bytes)
Gramsb.jpg (97051 bytes) Gram_gramp3b.jpg (113415 bytes) Grampa full.jpg (102842 bytes)
Doll by Jackie Caron
Dressed by Paulette Stinson
Grams and Gramps Gramps
  Doll by Terri Davis

5 1/4" tall "Grams" - Mold  Set HC6       2 3/4 lbs.   $55.00
Includes: Head, shoulder plate, wrinkled hands.

One hand is closed.  She has swollen ankles & she is wearing sensible shoes.  She's a cutie!

5 1/4" tall "Gramps"  - Mold Set HC7       2 lbs. $55.00
Includes: Head, shoulder plate, strong-knarled hands and legs with work boots. Looks like a Bear but he's a Pussy-cat !

Dawn sculpted them as frail seniors, they are scale but very tiny.
Their hands and legs are large enough to be used with any of the other senior heads

and torsos that follow.

divider.gif (2254 bytes)
Great Character Head Molds
Sculpted by Dawn Adams
"Jeb and Clem Heads"
Jebb.jpg (103041 bytes) Clemb2.jpg (119355 bytes)
Jeb Clem

Jeb and Clem Heads   Mold #  HC27  1/2 lb.   $30.00
Great character heads. They look like rough and tumble cowboys or
prospectors. They have lots of lines and details in their faces.
Sculpted by Dawn Adams 
Dolls by Terri Davis

"King Henry VIII and Oliver Heads"
King-Olivar-sittingb.jpg (145519 bytes) Olivar3.jpg (81040 bytes)

King Henry VIII & Oliver Head Mold # HC28     3/4 lb. $30.00
Perfect likeness of Henry VIII.
Oliver would make a great bartender, chef or grandfather.

In this Photo:
Terri used Oliver's head.
He sure looks like Sir Winston Churchill!

Sculpted by Dawn Adams
Dolls by Terri Davis

Use  the above heads with Parker-Levi's Santa body A1818 or Paulette Stinson's King Louis body.

"Robert Jr. & Robert Sr. Heads Molds"
robert-jr-and-sr.jpg (153659 bytes)

Pam-Blanchebce.jpg (78555 bytes)

the-dateb2c.jpg (55474 bytes)
Men Dolls by Terri Davis Gina Gagnon of Lonewolfminiaturecreations
used the Robert Sr. Head  to make these 2 charming ladies.     

Robert Sr. & Robert Jr. Heads Mold # HC29  3/4 lb.    $30.00
Robert Sr. has great  wrinkles, Roman nose, strong profile. He Also makes a great mature lady.
Robert Jr. is a young man with a square jaw. Clean cut -- Hero type. 
divider.gif (2254 bytes)
Character Head Molds
Sculpted by
Loretta Kasza
*Please click on any photo for a close up*
"Isabelle" and "Maude" Heads
Isabelleleopardb.jpg (34434 bytes)

Isabelle peddlerb.jpg (51910 bytes)

Doll by Loretta Kasza

Isabelle as a Peddler
Doll by Loretta Kasza

maude-close.jpg (91457 bytes)

maude.jpg (60033 bytes)

Closeup of "Maude"
Head Sculpted by Loretta Kasza

Doll by
Terri Davis

Isabelle and Maude Head Mold # HC 33    3/4 lb.    $30.00
Mold includes both Isabelle and Maude heads.
These ladies have lots of character and would also make great men. 
"Lu" and "Anne" Heads
Lu4.jpg (113204 bytes)

Anne the gardenerb2.jpg (71582 bytes)



Lu and Anne Head Mold # HC 35   3/4 lb.   $30.00
Wonderful characters - sculpted by Loretta Kasza.
Both heads have tons of lines and character. Great features.
Can be either a lady or a man.
             Lu and Ann Dolls by Loretta Kasza

"Uncle Ezra"
Uncle-Ezrab.jpg (106944 bytes) Fiddler.jpg (41655 bytes)
"Uncle Ezra"
Doll by
Terri Davis

"Uncle Ezra"
Doll by Mrs Tiggy Winkle Dolls

Uncle Ezra Head Mold # HC 31   1/2 lb. $20.00
A great character that can be an older gentleman or gnome. 
He has a huge bulbous nose, lots of happy living lines and big round ears.
"Miss Prim" and "Miss Puss" Heads
Pirate-and-older-ladyb.jpg (91807 bytes) Uncle-Ezra-and-Miss-Pussb.jpg (101199 bytes)
"Miss Prim"
Shown with "The Pirate" as her Butler

"Miss Puss"
Shown with "Uncle Ezra"

Miss Prim and Miss Puss Heads -  Mold #  HC44 3/4 lb.  $35.00
hese two seasoned ladies are Very Chic and add a lot of Class and Panache to your settings.
Heads sculpted by Loretta Kasza
Miss Prim and Miss Puss Dolls by Loretta Kasza
Head Mold #HC44 now available.

divider.gif (2254 bytes)
Add flexibility to your dolls with the following molds.
Old Man and Old Lady Torsos by Fern Vassi
torsosc.jpg (25090 bytes)

Old Man and Lady Torso
Mold # HC36   1 lb.   $40.00

Ultra wrinkled bodies, full
porcelain torsos.
(Both torsos are in 1 mold)

Men's Shoulder Plate mold by Paulette Stinson
3-men's-torsos.jpg (38687 bytes)

Shoulder Plate Mold #  HC 32  2 1/2 lb.   $30.00
(3 shoulder plates in one mold.)
Left to right: Shoulder Plate for a Teen
or smaller man, one for a regular man and
one for a stout gentleman.

Heads not included, see head molds above.

Jeb, Robert Jr. and Olivar

Do you need arms and legs for your Mature Men and Mature Ladies?

If so...you can use the following arms and leg molds for your mature men:
1-House of Caron Molds sculpted by Dawn Adams
Gramps arms & legs Mold HC7AL - 1 lb.   $20.00 (Seen on Gramps above) or

2-Parker-Levi Molds sculpted by Beverly Parker
Grampa arms and legs: Mold A1004AL -  3/4lbs. $25.00

As seen on Parker-Levi's Grampa

Do you need arms and legs for your Mature Ladies?

You can use the following arms and legs for Mature Ladies:
1- House of Caron Molds sculpted by Dawn Adams:
Grams arms & legs Mold HC6A & HC6L - 1 1/2 lb. $20.00
(Seen on Grams above) or
2- Parker-Levi Molds sculpted by Beverly Parker:
Granny arms and legs: Mold A1005AL  - 3/4 lbs. $25.00

As seen on Parker-Levi's Granny

divider.gif (2254 bytes)
"Loretta" and "Gail"
Loretta-Gail3_0001b.jpg (90798 bytes)

5 1/2" Loretta & Gail
Mold set HC9/10/11 - 5 lbs. $75.00

Includes: Two heads,

1 torso and 1 shoulder plate, short arms
and short legs with a shoe.
Heads sculpted by Loretta Kasza.

Note: Loretta Kasza has sculpted the heads that are offered in the set shown above.
Paulette Stinson sculpted the shoulder plates and the arms and legs. 
You can purchase the parts separately if you wish.

HC10 Loretta and Gail heads   1 lb.    $30.00
HC 9 Lady's torso and shoulder Plate  2 lbs. $25.00

HC11 Lady's arms and legs with a pretty high heel.  2 lbs. $20.00

Loretta-bride2.jpg (61869 bytes) Gail-as-indian-maiden2.jpg (88279 bytes)
Loretta as a Bride
doll by Jackie Caron
Dressed by Paulette Stinson

Gail as an Indian Maiden
doll by Jackie Caron
Dressed by Paulette Stinson

divider.gif (2254 bytes)
*Please click on any photo for a close up*
Molds to make Children
"Adam" "Bonnie" and "Becky"
(Mix and Match Mold Set)
Sculpted by Beverly Parker
BonnieBandA3.jpg (104790 bytes)
Left to right: Adam, Bonnie and Becky

Patterns and Iron-on Transfers are available for Adam, Bonnie and Becky.
New Iron-on Transfers: Convert your white fabric into detailed outfits as shown in the photo. 
Available in three styles:  Huckleberry Overalls $5.00 - Long Huckleberry Dress
and Long Apron $5.00  Short Rose Dress with Pinafore $5.00
Regular Clothing Patterns: Overalls $3.00   Long Dress  $3.00   Short Dress $3.00

Adam-etc-victrian3.jpg (77994 bytes)

Bonnie_as_fairy3.jpg (67112 bytes)

Adam, Bonnie and Becky
Dolls by Paulette Stinson

Bonnie as a Fairy
Doll by Paulette Stinson

Adam3.jpg (114784 bytes)

Adam standing.jpg (108422 bytes)

Adam as a Victorian Teen Boy Doll by Terri Davis

Mix and Match Mold Set to make 9 Year Old Children by Beverly Parker
4 1/4" tall Adam, Bonnie and Becky -Mold set
# HC12/13/14/15  2 1/2 lb. $85.00

The Mold Set includes: 3 heads, torso, 5 arms and 2 pairs of legs with bare feet.
Bonnie has big eyes and a sweet face, Becky has a  cute overbite,
Adam's face is heart shaped, sweet.

divider.gif (2254 bytes)

"Casey" and "Natalie"
(Mix and Match Mold Set to make 4 and 5 year old children)
Casey3c.jpg (96204 bytes)

Natalie3c.jpg (101387 bytes)



Casey and Natalie Mold Set - Sculpted by Wanda Jones

Casey head/torso 1/2 lb. $20.00 - Natalie head/torso 1 lb. $25.00
Bent arms 1/2 lb. $15.00   -   Bent legs 1/2 lb. $10.00
Straight arms 1/2 lb. $15.00   -   Straight legs 3/4 lb. $10.00
2 Pattern Booklets by Jackie Caron

The one on the left on the Casey doll has 4 costumes and is $4.50
The one on the right on the Natalie doll has 3 costumes and is $3.50.
Order Both Booklets for only $7.00

Casey & Natalie can stand either sit or kneel.
Natalie's Mold has 2 heads - One head with a mouth full of teeth
and the other head has a missing tooth. Casey has a  mischievous grin. 
Great for angels and fairies! 

Mary-fullb.jpg (76204 bytes) The-gang3c.jpg (106814 bytes)
The Casey Mold was used by Dana Burton to create this adorable litte waif Mary.
Dana is the Teacher/Owner of the
Msat Mini Doll List

Paulette Stinson made these dolls from
the Adam, Bonnie and Becky Mold set. 
And the Casey and Natalie Mold set.

divider.gif (2254 bytes)

Baby Randy

BabyR3.jpg (66976 bytes)

Randy-as-a-girld.jpg (29982 bytes)

Baby Randy shown as a fairy & baby

Baby Randy as a Baby Girl

2" Tall Baby Randy Mold HC#2    1 3/4 lbs. $45.00
Full porcelain, the head is sculpted to the body, jointed arms and legs.
Reproduction of an antique German Doll. We improved the arms and legs.
Very pretty baby, easy and fun to make. Makes a wonderful boy, girl or fairy.


Whitney3d.jpg (103148 bytes)

1 1/2" Tall Whitney
Mold # HC8   3/4 lbs. $35.00

"Whitney" is the daughter of one of my close friends.
She is so cute & so much fun that I had to sculpt her.
Includes: Head, body, arms and legs.

All porcelain and jointed.
Great details and easy to pour.

divider.gif (2254 bytes)

Molds to make Small dolls or a Doll's Doll

Cindy_Girl_and_Violet3c.jpg (84762 bytes)|
Violet is on right

1 7/8" tall  Sweet Violet 
Mold # L100 1/4 lb.     $25.00

Violet has sculpted hair, a halo of flowers.
Shoes & socks.  Jointed arms and legs.

Sailor3-1c.jpg (33345 bytes)

1 1/4" tall Girl with Basket,
Sailor Boy and Carnival Doll
Mold # HC30 1 lb. $30.00

The Girl with the Basket and the Sailor Boy are fixed figures.
The Carnival Doll has jointed arms.
Use as Doll's Dolls or as decorations in a doll house.

divider.gif (2254 bytes)


swans3b.jpg (120185 bytes)

Swanswhite3-1b2.jpg (71164 bytes)
Four Swans Vases and Candlesticks-Swan Mold 1 lb. $25.00
Sculpted by Jackie Caron

These swans can either be made as figurines, vases or filled with towels
Above from left to right in the photo with the blue background:
Swan #1 is 1 1/4" long and 7/8" tall; #2 is 1" long and 5/8" tall; #3 is 5/8" long and 5/8" tall #4 is 5/8" long and 1/2" tall; the candlesticks are 5/8" tall

5-large-vasesb.jpg (37208 bytes)

5 Large Vase Mold - Mold V101
3 3/4 lb. - $30.00 by Lars Mikkelsen

Sizes from left to right:
Vase #1 is 1 1/8" tall, Vase #2 is 1" tall,
Vase #3 is 7/8" tall, Vase #4 is 13/16" tall,
Vase #5 is 6/8" tall

med-vasesb.jpg (32618 bytes)

5 Medium Vase Mold - Mold V100
2 1/2 lb. $28.00 by Lars Mikkelsen

Vases above from left to right:
Vase #1 is 3/4" tall, Vase #2 is 5/8" tall,
Vase #3 is 1/2" tall, Vase #4 is 9/16" tall,
Vase #5 is 1/2" tall

small_vases3-1b.jpg (56893 bytes)

5 Small Vases - Mold V102
2 lb. - $25.00 by Lars Mikkelsen

Vases from left to right:
Vase #1 9/16" tall, Vase #2 is 9/16" tall,
Vase #3 is 1/2" tall, Vase #4 is 7/16" tall, 
Vase #5 is 7/16" tall

Doll House Dishes

Coffee_set3-1b.jpg (67773 bytes)

1" Scale Modern Coffee Set
Mold # HC 34  1/2 lb.   $25.00

Sculpted by Jackie Caron

Includes: Creamer, sugar bowl, cup, tureen and 2 cup coffee pot with lid.

Coffee set:Cream Pitcher 7/16" tall,Sugar bowl/lid 7/16" Coffee Cup 1/4",Bowl 5/16"
& Coffee pot/lid 10/16"tall.

coffee-setb.jpg (39186 bytes)

Shown on the Left:
Artistic Interpretation of our Coffee Set Mold HC 34

by Debbie Burville of

Montecute Miniatures

***New - Country Collection***

chip&dip.jpg (66232 bytes)

Oval Serving Platter, Chip and Dip Set and Large Mixing Bowl
Mold HC#37   $35.00   1 1/4 lbs.

You can also use the round plate and tiny bowl separately in the Chip and Dip Set.  The tiny bowl makes a great desert bowl or candy dish.

cannistersb.jpg (48486 bytes)

Two Canisters with Lids and Three other Containers
Mold HC#38  $35.00 1 lb.

You can use the other containers as Utensil Holders
or as Flower Pots.

plates.jpg (63213 bytes)

Four Plates and a Pet Dish
Mold HC#39   $35.00  1 1/2 lbs

Large serving plate, dinner plate, salad plate and saucer. The pet dish can also be used as a cereal bowl.

jugs.jpg (131913 bytes)

Two Jugs, Two Pitchers, Two Mugs and Two Cups 
Mold HC#40   $35.00  1 1/2 lbs.

The jugs are 1" and 1/2" scale.
The pitchers are good for milk or syrup.
mastercard.jpg (7515 bytes)

To place an order - you can call, write, fax
or use our Order form.
House of Caron
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Call (800) 432-8992 or (562) 947-6753 
Fax (562) 943-5103

For a complete brochure please send a check for $6.50
For our International friends the cost is $12.00 in U.S. funds.

You can also order your brochure by phone.

Brochures are Free with an Order.
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