The photo on the left shows all the pieces that are in the Wizard/Pirate Mold.

Individual molds are also available
individually and are priced as follows:
Wizard Head Mold $30.00
Wizard Arm Mold $25.00
Wizard Leg Mold $45.00

Bolivar and his Magic Cello, Tiny Faeries and Character Mushrooms
Sculpted by "Beverly Parker"

11" tall "Bolivar" King of the Faeries with his Magic Cello.

Bonnie, Becky and Adam found Bolivar in the Mushroom Forest.
He was playing his Magic Cello and the tiny faeries were dancing.
Scroll down this page to see our Bonnie, Becky and Adam molds.
And the Mushroom Molds and the 3 tiny faeries.

Bolivar's costume pattern $3.00 - Free with his mold.
Bolivar's iron-on transfer is $22.00

Character Mushroom Molds

Left to right:
Mold HC 26 and Mold HC25

These Colorful Mushrooms were made
by Sammy Smith using Mold HC25

  The Largest Mushroom is 5" tall
               One Mushroom is 2 1/2" tall and the other is 2 3/4" tall.
            The 2 smaller mushrooms make really cute Salt and Pepper Shakers.

"Bluebelle" - "Morning Glory" & "Sweet Pea"
These adorable 1/2" Scale Faeries can also be used
to make 1/2" scale children or a Doll's doll.
You can mix and match their arms and legs for new combinations.
Their faces, arms and legs are all different!




1/2" Scale
Sleeping Bluebelle
2" tall - jointed all porcelain
Mold HC19 1/4 lb.

1/2" Scale
Sweet Pea
2" tall - jointed all porcelain
Mold HC20 1/4 lb.

1/2" Scale
Morning Glory
2" tall - jointed all porcelain
Mold HC21 1/4 lb.

Faerie Patterns $3.00

Bolivar Iron-on Transfer $22.00
Faerie Iron-on Transfer $6.00
(Enough to make 3 faeries.)

Turn your plain white fabric
into the fancy costumes like those that
Bolivar and the Faeries are wearing.

Sculpture by Dawn Adams
Doll By Jackie Caron
Dressed by Paulette Stinson

Sculpture by Dawn Adams
Doll by Cindy Gates

Sculpture and Doll
by Dawn Adams

Doll by Jackie Caron
Costume by Paulette Stinson

Bolivar and Cello Molds
# HC16/17/18 11 1/2 lbs. $85.00
Mold Set Includes:
Head/torso sculpted to the waist.
Hands, feet, cello and bow.
Bolivar is larger than 1" scale.

The Cello also has a personality of it's own.
The Bridge has a hint of a Face, and there are toes on it's Foot.

Pirate/Wizard Mold set includes:
Head Mold: 1 Head (the same head is used for both the Pirate & Wizard.)
Pirate/Wizard Arm Mold:1 pr. of strong arms & stump for hook.
Pirate/Wizard Leg Mold: 1 pair of Wizard legs with pointed toes,1 pair of Pirate legs with a dressy shoe and a Peg leg of course.

"Valerie Head Mold" for Danielle's Body

"Danielle" 5 1/2" tall Fashion Lady - Mold Set -  HC5     4 lbs. $95.00
Includes: Head, hands, legs and a torso that ends at the waistline.
Her neck is part of her torso, it has pretty slopped shoulders for evening gowns.
It is easy to attach her head to the torso with slip.
Detailed hands that end at the elbow and short legs with pretty boots.
Her hands and boots are different than Dawn's.
One of her hands is cupped to hold an item. Tiny waist to eliminate bulk.  


Dawn" 5 1/2" tall  --- Mold set HC1 2 1/2 lbs. $80.00
Sculpted by Dawn Adams. Includes: Head, torso, hands & legs.
Beautiful face with heavy lids. Exquisite hands. Her boots have scallops on the side and a flared heel.

Her torso ends at the waist and she has pretty sloping shoulders.
Arms end at the elbow and legs end at the knee.
Dawn's sculpting is more petite than other artists but it is still in 1" scale.

Molds by Dawn Adams to make Ladies and Seniors


Molds to make

Adam, Bonnie and Becky   

Children Sclpted by Beverly Parker

Adam, Bonnie and Becky Dolls by Paulette Stinson

Mushroom Mold HC26 5 1/4 lb. $40.00 - Makes one 5" tall Mushroom
Mushroom Mold HC25 3 3/4 lb. $35.00 - Makes Two Mushrooms