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This page has the names of the mold companies that
we represent and photos of their fairy molds.
If you follow the navigational bar on the left
you will  find more complete descriptions of each mold.

House of Caron Molds

Bolivar2.jpg (161524 bytes)

3-mushrooms.jpg (132678 bytes)

11" tall "Bolivar"  Bolivar and Cello

Mold # HC16/17/18 
11 1/2 lb. $85.00

Mold HC26  5 1/4 lb.  $40.00
(1 ) 5" tall Mushroom

Mold HC25  3 3/4 lb.  $35.00 Mold HC25 (2)small mushrooms

Bluebellec.jpg (105323 bytes)

sweetpeac.jpg (97973 bytes)

1/2" Scale Bluebelle

2" tall - jointed/ porcelain
Mold HC19   1/4 lb. $40.00

Sweet Pea
1/2" Scale Sweet Pea

2" tall - jointed all porcelain
Mold HC20   1/4 lb.  $40.00

MorningGlory3b.jpg (86907 bytes)

BabyR3.jpg (66976 bytes)

Morning Glory
1/2" Scale

Morning Glory
2" tall - jointed/porcelain
Mold HC21 1/4 lb. $40.00

Baby Randy
2" Tall Baby Randy Mold

#HC2 1 3/4 lbs. $45.00

*Click on any photo for a larger view*

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Parker-Levi Molds

FaerieLady2new.jpg (132316 bytes)

Faerie-girlb.jpg (105219 bytes)

Faerie Lady
Faerie Lady Mold

Molds F1/F2/F3  -  4 lbs. $80.00

Faerie Girl
Faerie Girl Mold 

Molds F4/F5  - 2 lbs. $60.00

Available in 2 sizes

lgangel.jpg (89299 bytes)

Large Angel - 8" tall - Mold KM18    8 1/2 lb.  $90.00
Discounts do not apply to the Large Angel.
Small Angel - 4" tall Mold
KM21     2 lb. $60.00

angel-teddyb.jpg (118821 bytes)

Temprance-large-photob.jpg (46881 bytes)

Angel as "Wendy"
Doll by Jackie Caron
Dressed by Paulette Stinson

by Dana Burton
Dana is the Teacher/Owner of
Msat Mini Doll List

*Click on any photo for a larger view*

Lady and children fairy sets.jpg (118581 bytes)

Adults: Gabrielle, Evangeline and Victoria
Children: Faith, Hope and Charity
(All shown in the above photo)

Lady Angels "Evangeline", "Gabrielle" and "Victoria"

Three 5 1/2" tall Angel Ladies Mold Set  8 lbs.   $249.00
(Our regular discounts do not apply to these sets.)

Children Angels "Faith", "Hope" and "Charity"

Three 3 1/2" tall Angel Children Mold Set 
3 3/4 lbs.  $179.00

(There are 4 children angels in the above photo, Hope is shown twice)

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Dory, Alice and Evie Amy and Beth

Baby Angels2.jpg (197809 bytes)

Five 6" tall Baby Angels Mold Set 7 1/2 lbs. $198.00

Mold set includes: #1 Dory, #2 Alice, #3 Evie, #4 Amy, #5 Beth,
2 pairs of legs, 5 arms, body and wings. (wings not shown)

(Our other discounts do not apply to this set.)

*Click on any photo for a larger view*

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All That Glisson's Molds

Eve_in_teacup3-1.jpg (37658 bytes) Eve_as_Mermaid3.jpg (15836 bytes)
4 1/2" tall Eve - Tea Cup Fairy
Eve Mold Tag #300 and 301
3 1/2 lb. $95.00
"Eve" as Mermaid
Tail  Mold Tag #320  3/4 lb. $40.00

Eve-Flying-3C.jpg (72245 bytes)

Pixie3.jpg (61520 bytes)

"Eve" other poses
Eve with the extra arms and legs.
Doll made with Tag #300 and 310.
Mold for Extra arms and legs
Tag  #310 1 1/4 lb.$60.00

1" tall Pixie
Pixie Mold TAG# 700  
1/4 lb.$25.00

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To place an order - you can call, write, fax
or use our Order form.
House of Caron
10111 Larrylyn Drive
Whittier, CA 90603

Call (800) 432-8992 or (562) 947-6753   
Fax (562) 943-5103
For a complete brochure please send a check for $6.50
For our International friends the cost is $12.00 in U.S. funds.
You can also order your brochure by phone.
Brochures are Free with an Order.
Email: jackie@houseofcaron.com
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