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Doll_House3.jpg (20115 bytes)

Molds for 1" scale dishes and other doll house items

Dishes by House of Caron Molds

***New - Country Collection***

*Click on any photo to enlarge*

platter.jpg (72329 bytes)

Oval Serving Platter, Chip and Dip Set and Large Mixing Bowl
Mold HC#37   $35.00   1 1/4 lbs.

The round plate and tiny bowl in the Chip and Dip set can be used separately. 

cannistersb.jpg (48486 bytes)

Two Canisters with Lids and Three other Containers
Mold HC#38  $35.00 1 lb.

You can use the other containers as Utensil Holders or Flower Pots.

plates.jpg (63213 bytes)

Four Plates and a Pet Dish
Mold HC#39   $35.00  1 1/2 lbs

Large serving plate, dinner plate, salad plate and saucer. The pet dish can also be used as a cereal bowl.

jugs.jpg (131913 bytes)

Two Jugs, Two Pitchers, Two Mugs & Two Cups 
Mold HC#40   $35.00  1 1/2 lbs.

The jugs are 1" and 1/2" scale.
The pitchers are good for milk or syrup.

Coffee_set3-1b.jpg (67773 bytes)
Above: Coffee Set: 7/16" tall Cream Pitcher, 7/16" Sugar bowl with lid, 1/4"  Coffee Cup, 5/16" Serving
Bowl  and 10/16"Coffee pot with lid.

Coffee Set
Mold # HC 34  1/2 lb.   $25.00

Coffee Set includes: Creamer, sugar bowl, cup, tureen and 2 cup coffee pot with lid.

coffee-setb.jpg (39186 bytes)

Artistic Interpretation of our the Coffee Set Mold HC 34 by Debbie Burville of

Montecute Miniatures

*Click on any photo to enlarge*

Tiny Dolls by House of Caron Molds

Sailor3-1c.jpg (33345 bytes)

1 1/4" tall Girl with Basket, Sailor Boy and Carnival Doll
Mold # HC30 1 lb. $25.00

The Girl with the Basket and the Sailor Boy are fixed figures.
The Carnival Doll has jointed arms.
Wonderful as Doll's Dolls, in your doll house or as jewelry.

Vases by House of Caron Molds

swans3b.jpg (14327 bytes)

Swanswhite3-1b2.jpg (71164 bytes)
Four Swans Vases and Candlesticks-Swan Mold 1 lb. $25.00
Sculpted by Jackie Caron
These swans can either be made as figurines, vases or filled with towels

Above from left to right in the photo with the blue background:
Swan #1 is 1 1/4" long and 7/8" tall; #2 is 1" long and 5/8" tall; #3 is 5/8" long and 5/8" tall #4 is 5/8" long and 1/2" tall; the candlesticks are 5/8" tall

5-large-vasesb.jpg (37208 bytes)

Mold V101  3 3/4 lb. - $30.00
5 Large Vase Mold by Lars Mikkelsen

Sizes from left to right: Vase #1 is 1 1/8" tall;Vase #2 is 1" tall; Vase #3 is 7/8" tall; Vase #4 is 13/16" tall;
Vase #5 is 6/8" tall

med-vasesb.jpg (32618 bytes)

Mold V100   2 1/2 lb. $28.00
5 Medium Vase Mold
by Lars Mikkelsen

Vases above from left to right: Vase #1 is 3/4" tall; Vase #2 is 5/8" tall; Vase #3 is 1/2" tall; Vase #4 is 9/16" tall;
Vase #5 is 1/2" tall

small_vases3-1b.jpg (56893 bytes)

Mold   V102  2 lb. - $25.00
5 Small Vases - by Lars Mikkelsen

Vases from left to right: Vase #1 9/16" tall; Vase #2 is 9/16" tall; Vase #3 is 1/2" tall; Vase #4 is 7/16" tall; 
Vase #5 is 7/16" tall

*Click on any photo to enlarge*

Doll House Toys and Animals from Parker-Levi Molds

*Click on any photo to enlarge*

litbeartuggy3.jpg (63814 bytes)

Bears in two sizes
Little Bear Mold 
B03 1 1/2 lb.   $25.00

3" tall, jointed bear

Tiny Tuggy Mold 
B1002 1/4 lb. $15.00

1" tall jointed bear

Dog2.jpg (110789 bytes)

"Bowser" Mold -
KM24  1/2 lb. $15.00

Shaggy Dog 3/4" tall and 2" long.

Kitty3B.jpg (46988 bytes)

Kitty Mold
KM23 1/2 lb. $20.00

Long Hair Cat
1 1/8" tall in a sitting position

half-in-Rhondaf.jpg (61454 bytes)

1/2" Scale Lady
Rhonda Mold -
H08/09  1/2 lb. $55.00

1/2" Rhonda - 2 3/4" tall
1/2" scale, all porcelain & jointed.
Doll by Terri Davis

half-size-man-closeD.jpg (27072 bytes)

Kenneth Mold -
H10/11 3/4 lb. $55.00

1/2" Kenneth  3" tall
1/2" scale, all porcelain, jointed.
Doll by Terri Davis

TinyBallerina3.jpg (53129 bytes)

Tiny Ballerina Mold 
H03  1/4 lb.  $35.00

1 3/4" tall Doll's doll or 1/2" scale child. Has 2 sets of legs, pointed toes and flat. Jointed arms/legs

Jamie3b.jpg (53676 bytes)

Jamie - Mold A1010
1/2 lb.  $25.00

1 3/4" tall Doll's doll or 1/2" scale child. Jointed arms/legs.

halftoddlers3b.jpg (60961 bytes)

1/2" Scale Toddler set
Mold H04 1/2 lb.    $100.00
They are 1 5/8" tall.

This mix and match set includes Melanie, Traci, Kevin and Timothy. Includes 2 pairs of legs, and 2 pairs of arms, 2 bodies and 4 heads.

Neecie3b-1.jpg (46372 bytes)

Neecie Mold -
H02  1/4 lb. $30.00

1" tall baby  - Premature baby in 1" scale or wonderful as a doll's doll. Also for jewelry.
(Shown with Tiny Tuggy)

Tiny Pixie from "All That Glisson's Molds"

Pixie3.jpg (61520 bytes)

Pixie Mold
TAG # 700  1/4 lb.  $25.00

1" tall Pixie. Can be made with or without wings.  Makes a cute doll, pin, pendant and can fit into a pocket watch.

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