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TIBs Incredible Brushes
Brushes and Technique designed by Tisha Ritter

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The TIBs technique is a fast, easy, safe, clean, and healthy way to clean your porcelain greenware with
ordinary water.

Eliminates porcelain dust and your porcelain will be finer and smoother.

The TIBs Brushes are necessary for the TIBs Technique to work. 

We selected a set of 5 brushes to work on miniature dolls.
TIBs Five Brush Set $20.00

Brushes can also be purchased individually for $5.00 each
Please specify sizes, the smallest brushes have the highest numbers.

*TIB's Brushes may be used on dolls of all sizes.*
Brush Sizes Shown from left to right:
#6, #5, #4, #3 and #2

*How to Clean your Porcelain with TIBs Brushes*

Step by Step Tutorial that shows
"How To Clean Your Porcelain With TIBs Brushes"
by Cindy Howe

Cindy has prepared this wonderful Tutorial and has given me permission to add it to my website.  Now you can see how easy, fast and safe these brushes will clean your porcelain.

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(The link in this photo does not work)

TIBs Wire Tool
Item # TW100 - $1.50

The wire tool is used to remove seams, add detail, fill holes and remove imperfections from your greenware before you start to clean with the TIBs brushes.   Approximately 4.75" long.

Paint Caddy made of Texas Cedar and Plexiglass

paintcaddy.jpg (7416 bytes)

paintcaddy2-1c.jpg (28267 bytes)

Paint Caddy by Tib's Brushes
Item #PC100 - $40.00

Made of Texas Cedar and plexiglass.
A great place to store your mixed china paint.
Your paints are kept fresh and dust free when not in use.
It has a sturdy handle and the door latches, great for travel.
It is approximately 7" tall, 5 1/2" wide and 4 3/4" deep.

(To save money on postage, the six 4" ceramic tiles are not included.)
They are very reasonable and can be purchased at any Hardware Store.

Wonderful Brushes to Paint Miniatures
Ultra Mini Brushes by Silver Brush $8.95 each
Only $7.95 each if you buy 3 or more at a time.

2400S_brush_144dpi-1c.jpg (4029 bytes)
2407S_brush_144dpic.jpg (3854 bytes)
2417S_brush_144dpic.jpg (3890 bytes)
2422S_brush_144dpic.jpg (4019 bytes)
2420S_brush_144dpic.jpg (4002 bytes)
Unique handles with a perfect Comfort Grip. The short length handles and compact fine heads let you paint all day in complete control and without cramped fingers. They are all 6" long.
Made of Golden Taklon. A must try. They come in the following sizes:
10/0 Shader $8.95   12/0 Round (not shown)  20/0 Round  $8.95   

12/0 Round   $8.95 20/0 Script   $8.95           20/0 Spotter $8.95   20/0 Liner $8.95

More great brushes to paint miniatures.
The brushes we sell are all very tiny to be used on miniatures.
The following brushes are all approximately 7" long.
These brushes hold their shape and paint miniatures beautifully.
Brushes by Silver Brush

1  7110S Renaissance Red Sable Cat's Tongue $9.75
sablec.jpg (13147 bytes)
5/0 7517S Red Sable Spotter  $6.95
10/0 7517S Red Sable Spotter  $6.85
mvc-008f-1c.jpg (11374 bytes)
5/0 1500S Silverwhite Round $3.95
2/0 1500S Silverwhite Round $4.05
needle-toolc.jpg (25279 bytes)
Long Needle tool - $2.00 Use in porcelain work or to apply glue to
fabric. Places a fine line of glue exactly where you want it.
wipeouttoolc.jpg (8271 bytes)
Wipe-Out Tool - $2.00
Use to remove a stray eyelash before you fire.
fingertoolsc.jpg (9904 bytes)
Kemper Mini-Finger Tools - $5.69 A set of 2 tools that have tiny barbs along the sides so you can separate the doll's fingers in the greenware stage.

The Shipping Charge for all supplies that will fit into
the Flat Rate U.S. Postal Priority Envelope is $5.35

For all other supplies - we will weigh the order
and advise you of the shipping costs.

If you order your supplies with a mold order
we will not charge any additional shipping for the supplies.
EXCEPT  for metal doll stands, pleaters and paint caddies.

To place an order - you can call, write, fax
or use our Order form.
House of Caron
10111 Larrylyn Drive
Whittier, CA 90603

Call (800) 432-8992 or (562) 947-6753   
Fax (562) 943-5103

For a complete brochure please send a check for $6.50
For our International friends the cost is $12.00 in U.S. funds.
You can also order your brochure by phone.
Brochures are Free with an Order.

Order Form

email: jackie@houseofcaron.com

We also accept most major credit cards

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