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wpe51.jpg (18785 bytes)

This is our Page #Two of "Parker-Levi Molds",
"Keni's Minis" and "Originals by Elaine".
There are teenagers, children, toddlers, babies,
bears, dog, cat and molds to make 1/2" scale dolls. 

The following molds include children and babies.
They are listed in descending sizes.

Kelly is very versatile!
There are 9 Heads that will fit on her torso and 3 Ballerina Legs.

All the molds for The Little Women and Kelly can be interchanged.
You can also use the Faerie Girl's arms and legs
and the arms from the Little Angel on Kelly

Kellyscan4.jpg (63336 bytes)

Kelly is in the center and also on the far right.
The Extra Heads from Mold A1021 is shown on the far left and the ballerina doll.

kelly2c.jpg (127309 bytes)
Photo: Kelly Mold A1011
Doll by Jackie Caron

Kelly Mold  A1011  1 1/2 lb.    $65.00
4 1/2" tall teenager, all porcelain and jointed.
Head, torso, full arms and legs that have a plain, flat foot.

Kelly 2 Extra heads - Mold A1021   $20.00
These heads are different than Kelly's, one has dimples
and the other has an open mouth . These also make cute boys.

Kelly Ballerina Legs - Mold A1022   $20.00
This mold has 3 Ballerina legs.  One pair with pointed toes
and one leg with a turned flat foot. 

*Please click on any photo for a close-up*
"Four Little Women"
The Little Women head molds can be used on Kelly's body.
and Kelly's heads can be used on the Little Women's shouder plate.

littlewomenc.jpg (80546 bytes)
Back row - left to right: Meg and Annie
Front Row - left to right: Janey - Holding tiny Tuggie
and Pattie - Holding Baby Rusty

Meg -   Mold A41 1/4 lb. $30.00 - Beautiful smile and teeth. 
Annie - Mold A44 1/4 lb. $30.00 - Delicate face - closed mouth.
Janey - Mold A43 1/4 lb. $30.00 - Turned up nose - closed mouth. 
Pattie - Mold A42  1/4 lb. $30.00 - Round cheeks, smile with teeth.

Four Little Women Arms, Legs and Breastplate
Mold A45  3/4 lb.  $35.00
- Hands end at wrist, Legs end mid-calf.

Feet are arched with bare toes.  Breast plate included.

Three more heads to use with Kelly's Body
or with the Four Little Women's Breast Plate

MaryElizabeth3.jpg (110936 bytes)

AMarque3b.jpg (36134 bytes)

MeinLiebling3.jpg (67105 bytes)

Mary Elizabeth

A. Marque

Mein Liebling

Mary Elizabeth  Head - Mold KM20  1/3 lb.  $20.00
Pretty child with slight overbite. (Makes a great boy)
A Marque Head - Mold KM16  1/3 lb.  $20.00
French reproduction - Pouting child 
Mein Liebling Head -Mold KM4  1/3 lb. $20.00
German reproduction  - Pouting child

divider.gif (2254 bytes)
Available in 2 sizes
lgangel.jpg (89299 bytes)
Angel - This Cherubic Child is poured through the top of the head
and is one solid piece from head to toe, only the arms are jointed.
She has 2 pairs of arms. One Pair Straight and one pair bent.

Large Angel - 8" tall - Mold KM18    8 1/2 lb.  $90.00
Small Angel - 4" tall Mold KM21     2 lb. $60.00

Note: The 4" Angel arms can be used on "Kelly"
Here are 2 photos of the Angel Mold used to make a child
angel-teddyb.jpg (118821 bytes) Temprance-large-photob.jpg (46881 bytes)
Angel as "Wendy"
Doll by Jackie Caron
Dressed by Paulette Stinson
by Dana Burton
Dana is the Teacher/Owner of
Msat Mini Doll List
divider.gif (2254 bytes)
Rhonda and Robbie

RhondaandRobbie3-1c.jpg (63414 bytes)

Rhonda and  Robbies legs allow them to sit or kneel.
If they could stand they would be 3 3/4" tall.

Photo: Rhonda is on the left and
Robbie is on the right.

Rhonda head and body - Mold A37  1/2 lb. $40.00 Open mouth   

Robbie head and body  - Mold A38  1/2 lb. $40.00 Pretty smile and teeth .

Arms and Legs - Mold A39  3/4 lb.  $30.00
Bent arms, pretty hands and sitting legs .

Kneeling legs - Mold A40  3/4 lb.  $25.00
Great for playing or make them as kneeling fairies.  

divider.gif (2254 bytes)
Heather and Her Pony
*And 6 Additional Heads for Heather's body*
Evie, Amy, Beth, Ann, Barbara and Dorothy Heads
Heatherc.jpg (115912 bytes) Heather---Frontc.jpg (72127 bytes)
Heather and her Pony Heather by Gina Gagnon

Heather -  Mold A1023   1 3/4 lb.     $65.00
3 1/2" tall chubby toddler.   Comes with two sets of legs.  
One pair is straight and the other is bent to ride her pony. 
The bent legs have molded shoes and socks.

Horse -  Mold C03  2 1/2 lb. $65.00
Heather's pony includes bottom post.
Pattern for Heather and her Pony PCH-1 $5.00

Evie, Amy and Beth
Evieetc3bc.jpg (80078 bytes)

Evie, Amy and Beth Heads
Mold EC #5  1/2 lb.   $35.00

Three extra heads for Heather
Shown left to right:

Evie, Amy, Beth and (Heather is on the right)
*Three Additional Head Molds for Heather's Body*

Ann3b.jpg (59529 bytes)

Barbara3b.jpg (74040 bytes)

Dorothy3b.jpg (65544 bytes)




Ann - Mold KM2 - 1/3 lb.          $20.00 - Pretty face with a grin.
Barbara - Mold KM3 - 1/3 lb.  $20.00 - Open mouth - 2 teeth
Dorothy - Mold KM26 - 1/3 lb. $20.00 - Closed mouth, full cheeks.

divider.gif (2254 bytes)
*Please click on any photo for a close up*
The following molds make dolls that are 3 1/4" tall.
They can all be mixed and/or matched!

"Melanie", "Traci", "Kevin" & "Timothy"
"Karen" & "Sean" and "Megan" & "Nicolle".
Also the following Extra Heads:

"Cindy & Nali", "Katy & Dot" and "Alice & Dory"

Tracietc3b.jpg (83618 bytes)
Above: Melanie, Kevin and Timothy
Bottom: Traci and 2 more of Timothy

Melanie - Mold A1006  lb.   $60.00
3 1/4" tall smiling child with
beautiful teeth.
Traci - Mold A1007 1/4 lb. $60.00
3 1/4" tall crawling toddler with
bare feet.
Kevin - Mold A1008 1/4 lb. $60.00
3 1/4" tall pouting child - sitting legs
with bare feet.

Timothy- Mold A1009 1 1/2 lb. $60.00

3 1/4" grinning (Cupie type grin)

Tracib.jpg (19826 bytes) In the photo on the left, Cheryl Clingen of South Africa used the Traci mold to make a Zulu Baby in tradional clothing.  Adorable!
3 1/4" tall Mix and Match 1" Scale Toddler Set
Karen3b.jpg (51296 bytes) Seancup3b.jpg (63343 bytes) Megan3b.jpg (58978 bytes) Nicole3ab.jpg (44817 bytes)





Karen & Sean - Mold A26  - 1/4 lb.   $20.00
Two heads in mold -smiling & sleeping.
Megan & Nicolle Head Mold A27 - 1/4 lb.   $20.00
Two heads in mold - tiny grin & serene.
Body Mold A24 -  1/4 lb.  $20.00
Leg Mold A25 - 1 lb. $30.00
3 pairs of legs for toddlers (Straight, Bent & Ballerina)
Arm Mold A28 - 1 lb.  $30.00
3 pairs of arms for toddlers (Straight, Bent & Ballerina)

Cindy & Nali and Katy & Dot
cindyetc.jpg (69919 bytes)

Cindy and Nali Head Mold 
EC51 - 1/4 lb.   $30.00
Katy and Dot Head Mold

EC52 -
1/4 lb.  $30.00

Far left - Cindy and 3rd from the left is Nali.
2nd from the left - Katy and Dot is on the far right.
Alice &Dory
AliceandDory3bc.jpg (90963 bytes)

Alice and Dory Heads
Mold EC #4 1/4 lb.  $30.00

New heads to fit on any 3 1/4" tall doll mold in this section.

Shown in the photo from left to right:
Alice, Timothy and Dory.
divider.gif (2254 bytes)
Girl in Red
GirlinRed3b.jpg (49553 bytes)

Country-Gal---Frontb.jpg (56806 bytes)

Girl in Red
Mold A1014  1/2 lb. $45.00
3 1/4" tall - Head sculpted on shoulder plate.

Hands end at wrist and feet end above ankle.  Head is tilted up to rest in hands.

This Cute
"Little Country Gal"

was made by Gina Gagnon  with
the "Girl in Red Mold."


divider.gif (2254 bytes)
Peggy and Fanny Mold Set
PeggyFanny3bc.jpg (68331 bytes)

Peggy and Fanny Mold Set
EC #1, #2 and #3
  1 1/4 lb.  $80.00

Includes 2 heads, one with an open mouth and the other has is a cute Googlie smile.
All porcelain Body, bent legs and
2 pairs of arms.
(One pair of arms are bent and the other ends is cut at the elbow.)
The right hand has a thumb that is
positioned to suck on.

divider.gif (2254 bytes)
3" Reproductions of Antique Dolls
Googlie - Hilda - Just Me
*This is a Mix and Match Mold Set*
Googlie-Hildaetcd.jpg (85574 bytes)

Hilda head      KM6 1/4 lb. $20.00
Just Me head
KM7 1/4 lb. $20.00 
Googlie head
KM17 1/4 lb.$20.00
KM5 1/4 lb.  $20.00
Bent Arms      
KM8 1/4 lb. $20.00
Straight Arms 
KM9 1/4 lb. $20.00
Straight Legs 
M10 1/4 lb. $20.00
Bent Legs     
KM11 1/4 lb. $20.00
Left to right: Googlie, Hilda and Just Me
divider.gif (2254 bytes)
Annie and Little Annie
2Annies3-1.jpg (57571 bytes)

Annie Mold
KM12   1 lb.  $50.00

Annie - 3" tall reproduction of a German Doll. Molded shoes, socks & bows.  (Jointed arms & legs)

Little Annie Mold
KM 25 1/3lb. $25.00

Little Annie - 1 5/8" tall
Little Annie can be used as
a 1/2" scale child or a doll's doll.

divider.gif (2254 bytes)
Mellieb.jpg (60142 bytes)
Doll byTerri Davis

mellie-closeb2.jpg (35256 bytes)

Mellie Mold
EC13 3/4 lb. $39.00

2 1/2" tall Thumb Sucker.
Flange neck with arms that end above the elbow and legs that end at mid-thigh.

divider.gif (2254 bytes)
Babies -  to Mix and Match
Betsy, Eric, Baby Sarah and Suzie
EricandBetsy3b.jpg (89978 bytes)

Eric 2" tall baby boy 
Mold -A1002 1 1/4 lb.  $45.00

Betsy 2" tall baby girl 
Mold A1003 1 lb. $45.00

Eric and Betsy are anatomically correct.
Fully jointed.
Their arms and legs are interchangeable.

Sitting on the floor is Eric and Betsy
Betsy is also in the high chair.
divider.gif (2254 bytes)
Baby Sarah
53b.jpg (63864 bytes)

Baby Sarah -  2" tall baby
Mold -EC53 1/4 lb. $30.00

Baby Sarah's mold
has a head and body only.
(No arms and legs)

Use the arms and legs from either
Mold A1002 Eric
or A1003 Betsy to complete Baby Sarah.

Baby Sarah is in the stroller.
On the floor is Hilda from the Googlie, Just Me and Hilda Reproduction Set shown above.
Please click on any photo for a close up!
Suzie3b.jpg (100830 bytes)

Suzie - 2 1/2" tall baby -
Mold EC12 1/4 lb. $25.00

Head & body 1 piece, molded hair. 
(No arms and legs.

Use this head/torso mold with
Betsy or Eric's arms & legs.

Suzie shown twice:
With Painted Hair and with applied curls
divider.gif (2254 bytes)
bunnyc.jpg (49604 bytes)

Teenie Mold -
EC50 3/4 lb. $45.00
2" Baby Mold Includes:
Head, body, 2 pairs of arms
and 2 pairs of legs.

Doll by Gisele Sullivan


divider.gif (2254 bytes)
Rusty3b.jpg (75641 bytes)

Rusty Mold A1015  1/2 lb.  $40.00
1 1/2" tall baby - two different
heads in the mold.
One with a closed mouth and one with an open mouth.

divider.gif (2254 bytes)
Neecie3b.jpg (46372 bytes) Neecieflower3B.jpg (54084 bytes)
Neecie with Tiny Tuggy and as a tiny fairy in a flower.
Neecie Mold - H02 1/4 lb. $30.00
1" tall baby  - 1" scale premature baby or a wonderful
as a doll's doll or for jewelry.
divider.gif (2254 bytes)
Little Critters
litbeartuggy3.jpg (63814 bytes)

Bears in two sizes
Little Bear Mold -
B03 1 1/2 lb.   $25.00
3" tall, jointed bear

Tiny Tuggy Mold -
B1002 1/4 lb. $15.00
1" tall jointed bear

Dog2.jpg (110789 bytes)

Mold - KM24  1/2 lb. $15.00
Shaggy Dog 3/4" tall and 2" long.

Kitty3B.jpg (46988 bytes)

Mold KM23 - 1/2 lb. $20.00
Long Hair Cat
1 1/8" tall in a sitting position.

divider.gif (2254 bytes)
1/2" scale Dolls
1/2" Scale Lady, Man, Mannequin and Children
half-in-Rhondaf.jpg (61454 bytes)

half-size-man-closeD.jpg (27072 bytes)

1/2" Scale Rhonda Mold
H08/09  1/2 lb. $55.00
1/2" Rhonda - 2 3/4" tall
1/2" scale, all porcelain & jointed.

Doll by
Terri Davis

1/2" Scale Kenneth Mold
H10/11 3/4 lb. $55.00
1/2" Kenneth  3" tall
1/2" scale, all porcelain, jointed.
Doll by
Terri Davis

half-inch-familyd.jpg (51600 bytes)

halfmannequin3b.jpg (48037 bytes)

Terri Davis made this little 1/2" scale family from the following molds: H10/11 - 1/2" Kenneth,
H08/09 1/2" Rhonda,
H4/05/06/07 /1/2" scale Traci and Kevin from the 1/2" Toddler Set and H02 Baby Neecie.
Dolls by Terri Davis

1/2" Scale Mannequin
Mold KM15  1/2 lb. $15.00

Can be used to make a doll if
you use H08/09 1/2" Rhonda's head and arms.

Tiny Ballerina
TinyBallerina3.jpg (53129 bytes)

Tiny Ballerina
Mold - H03  1/4 lb.  $35.00

1 3/4" tall Doll's doll or 1/2" scale child.
Has 2 sets of legs, pointed toes
and flat.  Jointed arms/legs.

_tiny-dollsc.jpg (89516 bytes)

Left: Loretta Kasza made these tiny dolls with the Tiny Ballerina Mold. Dolls by Loretta Kasza

Jamie3b.jpg (53676 bytes)

Jamie -Mold A1010 1/2 lb.  $25.00

1 3/4" tall Doll's doll
or a 1/2" scale child.
Jointed arms/legs.

1/2" Scale Toddlers Mold
halftoddlers3b.jpg (60961 bytes)

1/2" Scale Toddler set -
Mold H04 1/2 lb.    $100.00

They are 1 5/8" tall.
This mix and match set includes Melanie, Traci, Kevin and Timothy. Includes 2 pairs of legs

and 2 pairs of arms,
2 bodies and 4 heads.

Pattern Booklet for 1/2" Toddlers
patterns_for_toddlers3bc.jpg (75460 bytes)

Pattern Booklet for 1/2" toddlers
by Jackie Caron - $3.25

Includes: Colonial gown and Nightcap, Shirt and pants
with bib, and dress.

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