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The following Patterns are included in the Booklet
"The Little Closet" by Beverly Parker

Patterns for a 4 1/2" tall Teenager

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wpe71836.gif (6187 bytes)

wpe27463.gif (10070 bytes)

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Gown or Robe
and Duster Cap


Long Dress

Short Dress
Bonnet and Apron

Patterns for a 3 1/2" tall Toddler

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wpe77583.gif (25099 bytes)

Two Dresses, Pajamas
and Sunsuit

Boy's Suit, and Shirt.
Girl's Party Dress,
Apron and Long Dress

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wpe62767.gif (26738 bytes)

Short and long Bib Overalls
Tee Shirt and Regular Shirt

Robe, Gown, Night Cap,
Ruffled Night Cap
Pajamas and Slippers

wpe98123.gif (23932 bytes)

2 Different Coats, Hat, Cap, Pants and Snow Boots