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Special Note: Deidra has sculpted the legs of some of her dolls so that they can be either a right or left leg.
An exception is Diedra's mold, she has bare toes.

*Click on photos to enlarge*

"Rose and Edward"

RoseandEdward3c.jpg (68106 bytes)

Sculpted by Deidra Bell

RoseEdwardvic3b.jpg (102335 bytes)

Edward2-greyc.jpg (76746 bytes)

Dolls by Jackie Caron
Costumed by Paulette Stinson

  Doll by Paulette Stinson

Rose - 5 1/2" tall Lady
Pretty head sculpted on graceful shoulders. Delicate hands & arms
that are very easy to pour etc.
Rose Mold Set - 2 1/2 lb.    $75.00
Edward - 6" tall Man
Head sculpted on shoulder plate, great hands & legs.
Edward Mold Set 
2 lbs.       $75.00

Rose's Molds can also be purchased individually.

Rose Head Mold 1 1/4 lb.  $35.00
Rose Arm Mold 1/2 lb.      $20.00

Rose leg Mold 3/4 lb.         $20.00

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Rosalee3b.jpg (92211 bytes)

Rosalee Head Mold
3/4 lb.        $40.00 

Beautiful head to use with
Rose's arms and legs.  

Rosalee Mold Complete

2 1/2 lb.     $80.00

Includes Rosalee's head

and Rose's arms & legs.

Doll by Paulette Stinson

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Katherine3b.jpg (57830 bytes)

Katherinegreen3-1b.jpg (85110 bytes)

Sculpture and Doll  by Diedra Bell

Doll by Diedra Bell

Katherine - 5 1/2" tall Lady
Head sculpted on a long torso that has drop shoulders.
Arms end above elbow with delicate hands.
Long legs that end above the thigh - nice high heels.

Katherine Mold Set 3 1/4 lbs.  $85.00

Katherine's molds are also available individually:
Katherine head mold  1 1/2 lbs.   $40.00
Katherine arm mold   3/4 lbs.      $20.00
Katherine leg mold         1 lb.       $25.00

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*Click on any photo for a larger view*


Dierdrawithdrape3b.jpg (70356 bytes)

Dierdrablue3-1b.jpg (58783 bytes)

Sculture and Doll by Deidra Bell

Doll by Paulette Stinson

Diedra - 5 1/2" tall lady 
Head sculpted on a long torso that has drop shoulders. 
Very delicate hands/arms that end above her elbows.  
Beautiful bent legs with bare toes that end mid-thigh. 
Katherine and Diedra's arms and legs can be used on both dolls.

Diedra Mold Set 2 1/2 lbs.  $85.00

Diedra's Molds are also available separately:
Diedra head mold      1 lb.     $40.00
Diedra arm mold     1/2 lb.    $20.00
Diedra leg mold          1 lb.     $25.00

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Michael3b.jpg (55511 bytes)

Michael-sideb.jpg (78330 bytes)

Doll by Diedra Bell

Doll by Paulette Stinson

hugh4b.jpg (93212 bytes) Michael - 6" tall man 
Michael would be a wonderful escort for any of your ladies. 
He is very handsome and quite dashing!
Head sculpted on shoulder plate. 
Great hands, short legs with smooth riding boots. 

Michael Mold Set 
2 lbs.  $70.00

Above: Handsome Medieval Gentleman Created by Tiggy Goldsmith
Mrs Tiggy Winkle Dolls

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Diana3ad.jpg (65957 bytes)

Diana_blue-1bd.jpg (69816 bytes)

Dolls by Paulette Stinson dressed like Ann of Green Gables

Diana - 4 3/4" tall child. 
She makes a doll that is about 12 years old.

Cute dimples and an impish look.
Nice hands and graceful arms that end above her elbow.
Diana Mold Set - 1 1/2 lbs.       $60.00

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