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Updated October 1, 2013

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House of Caron Molds
Sculptures by Beverly Parker, Dawn Adams, Lars Mikkelsen, Loretta Kasza, Wanda Jones, Fern Vassi and Jackie Caron.
Faeries, Wizard, Pirate, Ladies,Men,Grandparents, Children, Babies, Tiny Dolls,
Coffee Set, Vases and  Dishes. 

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Paulette Stinson Molds
Paulette specializes in Historical Characters and their costumes.
Her molds can also make wonderful modern dolls.
There is a bonus head in each of her mold sets.

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Emanjay Molds
Marie Wheat  sculpted these dolls and a mannequin to display her patterns.  
Marie's talents are greatly missed, but most of all she is missed as a friend.
We are very proud to have been chosen to carry on her legacy.

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Ayanna Molds
Beautiful sculptures of ladies, men and a child. 
Sculpted by Deidra Spann
Very easy to pour molds.
Great to use if you make kits.
The legs are sculpted so they and can be used as either a right of left leg.

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Parker-Levi, Keni's Minis
and Originals by Elaine page 1

Molds by Beverly Parker, Debbie & Ken Levi.
Originals by Elaine now produce the molds & added more sculptures.
We divided these molds into 2 pages.
This first page has Adults, Grandparents, Santa,
Mrs. Claus, Mammy, Elves, Faeries and Angels.

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Parker-Levi, Keni's Minis
and Originals by Elaine page 2

This is page 2 includes Teens, Children, Toddlers, Babies, Infants, Jointed Bears, a Dog and a Cat for your doll house. Also 1/2" scale Adults, Mannequin, Children and Toddlers.
And a pony for Heather.

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Fairie &Angel Molds
On this page we have included all the Fairy, Angel and Mermaid molds that we carry . So many fascinating creatures.

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Doll House Items
and Accessories 

This page has information on
Dishes, Vases, Utility Items, Knick Knacks, Animals, Toys and Tiny Dolls for your Doll House. Includes molds to make the tiniest items from all the lines we carry.

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To make, wig and dress dolls by Beverly Parker.
Costume Pattern Books, Hat Booklets and a Baby Layette Booklet by Marie
When you visit the book page you can click on some of the covers to see the patterns in the book.

Single Patterns by Marie Wheat of Emanjay

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Ladies Men



Emanjay Single Patterns - for doll house size dolls.
Lady patterns in 1" scale and a few in 1/2" scale.
Men and children are all 1" scale. 
Costume Patterns by Marie Wheat.  Historically correct costumes.
Easy to construct and great instructions.  

Single Costume Patterns From Kuhl Kreations

1" to 1' scale patterns by Janelle Kuhl
These patterns were designed to fit Parker-Levi's molds.
But they can also be used for any 1/2" to 1' scale dolls.
Janelle has really captured the gracious and exciting periods in our past.  Also some great Christmas patterns. Excellent instructions.

Paulette Stinson Patterns

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1" Scale patterns for a wide range of styles.  Tudor, Elizabethan, Victorian, Edwardian, Colonial, Pinky & Blue Boy, Gypsies, Clowns, Frontier and Children.

Follow this link to our Book Page for a full description
of Paulette Stinson's Patterns.

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Brushes and Tools
Micro-mini brushes from Silver Brush Co.
Other wonderful brushes to paint minis.
Finger tools - Needle tools
Wipe-out tools - Paint Caddy by TIB's
TIB's brushes to clean porcelain with water in the greenware stage. No soft firing.
Tutorial by Cindy Howe "How to use the TIBs Brushes"

Paint Caddy

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Wigging Fiber:Silk and Viscose
1/4",1/2" & 1" Scale Pleaters 
for tiny dolls
2mm and 4 mm Silk Ribbon
Bunka Trim
Miniature  Eye Sizers
Nichrome Wire 
Doll Stands - 3 1/2" to 6" tall dolls.

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Miniature Wigs
We have 9 styles of wigs for your miniature dolls.
These are really beautifully made and reasonably priced. 
Come take a look!

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Mold Discounts
& U.S. Shipping Charges

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International Shipping

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