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Sculptures by Beverly Parker, Dawn Adams, Lars Mikkelsen, Loretta Kasza, Wanda Jones, Fern Vassi and Jackie Caron.
Faeries, Wizard, Pirate, Ladies, Men, Grandparents, Children, Babies, Tiny Dolls, Coffee Set, Vases and Dishes.

House of Caron Molds

Paulette specializes in Historical Characters and their costumes.
Her molds can also make wonderful modern dolls.
There is a bonus head in each of her mold sets.

Marie Wheat sculpted these dolls and a mannequin to display her patterns.
Marie's talents are greatly missed, but most of all she is missed as a friend.
We are very proud to have been chosen to carry on her legacy.

Beautiful sculptures of ladies, men and a child.
Sculpted by Deidra Spann
Very easy to pour molds.
Great to use if you make kits.
The legs are sculpted so they and can be used as either a right of left leg.

Molds by Beverly Parker, Debbie & Ken Levi.
Originals by Elaine now produce the molds & added more sculptures.
We divided these molds into 2 pages.
This first page has Adults, Grandparents, Santa,
Mrs. Claus, Mammy, Elves, Faeries and Angels.

This is page 2 includes Teens, Children, Toddlers, Babies, Infants, Jointed Bears, a Dog and a Cat for your doll house. Also 1/2" scale Adults, Mannequin, Children and Toddlers.
And a pony for Heather.

On this page we have included all the Fairy, Angel and Mermaid molds that we carry . So many fascinating creatures.

This page has information on Dishes, Vases, Utility Items, Knick Knacks, Animals, Toys and Tiny Dolls for your Doll House. Includes molds to make the tiniest items from all the lines we carry.

To make, wig and dress dolls by Beverly Parker.
Costume Pattern Books, Hat Booklets and a Baby Layette Booklet by Marie Wheat.
When you visit the book page you can click on some of the covers to see the patterns in the book.

Parker Levi, Ken's Mini's &

Originals by Elaine Molds

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